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    How to Sign a New Customer Up to Infusion

    Follow this process to sign a new customer up to the online version of Infusion.


    2-week free trial with demo data

    This article explains how to sign up a customer who's ready to join Infusion. If you or someone else would benefit from a free 2-week trial of Infusion before formally signing up, visit our free trial sign up page. You'll get a fully functioning trial with demonstration data included so you can test all the features of Infusion.   

    1. Go the Infusion sign up page 

    You can start the process of signing a new customer up for Infusion on our website. 

    Go the the Infusion Online sign up page.


    2. Complete the customer details and requirements

    You'll be prompted to enter the customer's details. Enter information about the company and about the specific contact person (or organisation admin) the account will be associated with. 

    Then, complete the customer requirements for the Infusion package. 

    • Package: Choose the package that is best suited to your customer.
    • Number of Standard Users Required: Number of users that will access everything
    • Number of POS Users Required: Number of users that will only access POS
    • How did you hear about Infusion Online?: Select one of the options.
    • Partner: Choose your name from the drop-down list, or select 'Other'.
    • General Ledger Chart option: Choose the option that suits your customer.
    • Financial Year Start Month: Choose the option that suits your customer.
    • Notes: Tell us anything else that could be useful for us in setting up the customer.

    Read the Terms and Conditions and then select Submit.

    3. A new license will be created in Infusion 

    Infusion Support will create a new license for your customer. Your customer will receive an email notifying them that they have been added as an Organisation Admin and inviting them to activate their license and create a password. They will then need to accept the Infusion Terms and Conditions. Once they have done this, charging will begin. 

    View Getting Started with Infusion for more information.

    4. Configure the Infusion settings

    A number of settings need to be configured in Infusion Online before your customer can start using it successfully. The new Organisation Admin needs to add you as as a user so that you can access the datafile and help with set up. View How to Add a User for more information.

    You can support your customer to set up their company settings by referring to our knowledge base articles and following the steps.

    View our knowledge base articles about Infusion Settings.

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