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    Migrating Existing Customers to the Online Version of Infusion

    Our goal for migration is to make the process as straightforward as we can so that you and your customers have a great experience.

    We've prepared the following guide to support you in migrating existing VFP Infusion customers to the online version of Infusion. We'll be regularly updating this document to ensure the process is as clear as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with 

    Infusion - Customer Migration and Set Up Guide for Partners [PDF 685kb]

    How to use the migration guide

    The guide is designed to help you understand and plan for migrating your customers. Have a good read through first to get a general idea of the process and the parts of the document that will be most useful to you. The document is a PDF, so you can print and write in longhand, or you can use a PDF editor to type in it.

    Four main sections

    The guide is presented in four main sections. Some of the tasks need to be done in order, but some tasks can be done sooner than they appear in the process. For example, the fourth section gives you space to capture details about your customer's organisation that can be used to configure Infusion settings. You don't have to wait for migration to start gathering this information. You can also decide to configure Infusion settings directly in Infusion, alongside your customer, rather than filling out the tables. It's up to you.

    1. Start Here: An overview of the process and the setting up of a new licensee
    2. Pre-Migration Data Preparation: Tasks that will tidy up existing data and make migration and set up more straightforward
    3. Migration: Tasks to complete immediately before and after migration (Infusion Support completes the actual migration)
    4. Post-Migration Checks and Set Up: Configuring the Infusion settings and importing financial documents

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