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    Searching in Infusion

    Search is a powerful tool that allows quick location of and access to records. It sits between the header and toolbar on all screens. When in the Home screen the search is global and will look through all data. When in specific menus and areas the search becomes localised and focusses on that area and functionality.

    The Search bar is prefixed with the active menu (e.g. GL Accounts in the below example) and any applied filters.

    The Search field is free text with the results being dynamic i.e. the screen continuously updates as text is typed. Results are returned for part-word / string searches and are refined each time a new word is added to the search bar. Results in the returned list are highlighted yellow.

    Searching also looks for information that isn't displayed on screen, such as addresses and phone numbers. As a result, records can appear in the main screen without highlighting, opening the record shows the search term.

    Wildcard searches are not available. Searches cannot exclude characters or filters.

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