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    12.03.2021 - Release Notes 0.31

    Issue Date: 12 Mar 2021

    Products - Kitsets

    Serial Tracking Kitsets
    A kitset is now able to be serial tracked. If the kitset is When Invoiced, only the Sales can be serial tracked.    

    User Experience - Payment updates

    Payment screen improvements
    The customer and supplier payment screens have been improved to allow better and faster allocation of invoices to be paid, and more intuitive selection of outstanding invoices.    #4581

    • Date highlighted when invoice date is beyond payment date
    • Buttons to perform payment actions - above the invoice table to apply to all invoices, or at the end of the row for individual invoices

    Auto Pay Behaviour
    The auto pay functionality has been fixed and improved to include credit notes, and also allow auto pay of the entire payment amount, or individual oustanding transactions.    #4432

    Order number now displayed
    The order number is now visible on outstanding transactions in customer and supplier payments.    #3809

    Unposted payments
    A user is warned if there are unposted payments for a customer or supplier, and that payment can be selected before continuing with a new payment.    

    User Experience

    Multiple Users - Editing Records or Transactions
    A user is now informed if another user is viewing a record or transaction by an icon at the top of the screen.  If the other user is in edit mode, the second user is prevented from editing the record or transaction.       #3992

    Viewing notification

    Editing notification - red border around icon

    Confirmed Selection - Entering a known code / account
    If a user enters a known product code, customer or supplier account number, or GL code, the software will now select that single record when the user tabs out of the field.      


    Reports are not being emailed 
    An issue with invoices not being emailed has been resolved.       #4869

    Customers Customer Quotes #4548

    Customer List (Detailed) #4560

    Dispatch Sheets #3616

    Sales Analysis MTD/YTD #4695

    Sales Analysis Top Sales #4564
    Products Kitset Buildup #3647

    Product Details #3762

    Product On Hand By Location #3701

    Product Summary #4788

    Product used in Kitsets #4407

    Financials Balance Sheet - vs Last Year
    • Fix formatting and removed $0.00 values
    Customers Customer Contract Rates
    • Improve parameter selection screen.

    Invoice Delivery Labels
    • Delivery Address is now entered correctly on Invoice Delivery Labels

    Unallocated Payments
    • Selection parameters and sorting options have been improved. Zero payments are now excluded.
    Products Price List - Selected Price with Margin & Markup
    • Include GST Exclusive and Inclusive pricing

    Product Transactions
    • Improve parameter selection screen.

    Product Valuation Report
    • The background filtering has been improved on the Product Valuation Report.
    Default Dates
    • A default date is now entered on parameter screens of reports.

    Drop Down selection lists
    • Selection parameters have been improved to include drop down lists for Types, Gropus, Locations, Sales Reps etc.

    Download a copy of the release notes here

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