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    Supplier Enquiry


    There are two options to view Enquiry against a supplier account:

    1) From within the Supplier account select Enquiry from the toolbar. Enquiry opens on the default Transactions tab.

    2) From the Suppliers module main screen click on the spill buttons at the end of the row, hover over Enquiry on the menu and select the Enquiry option to open.

    Transactions Tab

    The Transactions tab lists all transactions against a supplier account. The default setting is to show Outstanding transactions. Clear the filters and apply as required to change the list display.

    Drill into transactions for more detailed information. There are two ways to do this with each providing different information:

    1) The Source column opens a read-only view of the original transaction

    2) Clicking anywhere else on the row opens the Enquiry of the transaction and shows all        GL accounts updated by the transaction.

    Balances Tab

    The Balances tab shows outstanding balances grouped by month along with forward / deferred balances.

    Totals are separated to include or exclude Forward/Deferred balances.

    Invoices Tab

    The Invoices tab shows all Posted invoices recorded against the supplier account. The status of an Invoice that hasn't been Posted is indicated with a badge beside the invoice number. Click on an invoice to open a copy of it. Unposted invoices can be opened and Edited from here. 

    The spill buttons at the end of a row provide more options for the invoice, including to add a payment, download a copy of the invoice or view the Enquiry details of the invoice.

    Payments Tab

    Payments are displayed on the Payments tab. Click into a payment for more information relating to it including the Invoices it has been applied to. 

    The spill buttons at the end of the row provide further options to work with the payment including reversing or refunding the transaction and further investigating Enquiry options against the payment.

    References Tab

    The References tab shows a count by transaction type of all transactions against a supplier account.

    When a supplier account has been referenced, it is unable to be deleted. The references tab provides acknowledgement of transactions made against a supplier.

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