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    Pre-Migration Data Preparation Checklist

    Complete this checklist to help you prepare for migration to Infusion Online. Refer to this article or download the PDF checklist to track your progress through the steps.

    LATEST UPDATE: 22 November 2021

    These tasks ensure that existing data is ready for migration to an Infusion Online datafile. The migration utility includes functionality checks for this.

    Download the latest Migration Utility App.

    Download PDF Checklist : Pre-Migration Data Preparation Checklist - Infusion[PDF]

    Download Word Checklist: Pre-Migration Data Preparation Checklist - Infusion [DOCX]

    Task Actions
    VFP is operating on the latest version

    Check your current version in the title bar of VFP.

    Check for the latest release version here.

    If an upgrade is required, refer here.

    Partially posted invoices

    Go to Admin >System Reports > Check for Partially Posted Customer Invoices — run for 3 years

    Resolve any issues reported.

    Allocate Customer Unallocated Payments

    Go to Customers > Reports > Customer Unallocated Payments

    Pay off any Unallocated Payments and Credit notes where possible. For very old transactions where the payment is $0.00, date the transaction as old as possible (you may need to remove lockout dates).

    Allocate Supplier Unallocated Payments

    Go to Suppliers > Reports > Supplier Unallocated Payments

    Pay off any Unallocated Payments and Credit notes where possible. For very old transactions where the payment is $0.00,  date the transaction as old as possible (you may need to remove lockout dates).

    Recommended Month End Procedures

    Go to Recommended Month End Procedures

    Work carefully through the list in this article. Some of the tasks will be duplicated on this data preparation guide.

    Undeposited Bankings

    Go to Cashbook  > Reports > All Undeposited Bankings

    These must be banked before migration but can be left for the evaluation migration.

    Unexported Direct Credits

    Go to Cashbook  > Reports >  All Unexported Direct Credits

    These must be exported before migration but can be left for the evaluation migration.

    Check Financial Defaults

    Go to Admin > Defaults > Manage Financial Defaults

    Check all required defaults are valid GL Codes and save.

    DATA Folder structure 

    Are there any unusual files in this folder? Ensure that only required files are in the folder. Check to see that there are no incorrect installs of Infusion below the Data folder level. Delete these if there are.

    Delete Attachments

    Go to Infusion\DATA\Attachments

    Delete these if possible. The backup will be smaller.

    Bring the Current Financial Year up to date if needed

    Go to Financials > Year End > Close Off Year.

    Check with your Accountant or Partner whether you can move your financial year forward.

    Follow this link for more information.

    Check Financial Year Close

    If you have only recently started using VFP as a fresh dataset (no migration or conversion) you can ignore this step.

    This will be relevant if you have migrated from a different software such as Aurora or NZA Gold relatively recently.

    Go to Admin > Other > View Audit Trail and search for ‘Close Year’

    If there are no results and you are already on the most recent financial year, please call Infusion Support and request they turn your financial year back a year so that you can run a close off.

    Delete GL Accounts that are not required (unused or old and no longer needed) 

    Ensure that all GL Accounts to migrate are relevant and required, with obsolete or unused GL Codes deleted.

    • Run a 3 Year Profit and Loss and a 3 Year Balance Sheet report (both with Zero Balances included).
      • Go to Financials > Reports > 3 Year Profit & Loss (YTD), and Financials > Reports > 3 Year Balance Sheet, ensuring ‘Show Zero GL I/D’s’ is checked.
    •  Audit GL Accounts to determine which are required and which are to be deleted. Delete as appropriate.

    Follow this link for more information.

    G/L Integrity check

    There should be no Exceptions on the G/L Integrity report
    Run the G/L Integrity utility. Go to Financials > Utilities > Check G/L Integrity.
    Resolve any reported Exceptions.

    Check the Default GST Rate setting on GL Accounts is correct 

    GL Accounts must be set to the correct Default GST Rate so that when bank transactions are imported they are coded with the correct GST setting within Bank Reconciliation.
    • Run the Chart of Accounts report. Go to Financials > Reports > Chart of Accounts
    • Reference the GST Rate column to ensure the correct setting is applied. Update any incorrect codes in Infusion.
    I = Inclusive, E=Exclusive, X = Exempt, Z=Zero Rated, C=Customs GST
    Check the Function Setting on GL Accounts is correct GL Accounts are more strictly identified as Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet in Infusion Online. These should be correct prior to migration.
    • Scan the function column in Financials > Manage GL IDs
    • Profit and Loss GLs should be Income or Expense Functions.
    • Balance Sheet GLs should be Asset, Liability or Equity Functions.
    Check GL Account Custom Fields

    Custom Fields for GL Accounts are not a feature of Infusion Online and will not migrate.

    The Migration Utility reports on any GL Accounts using Custom Fields. No action is required to update Custom Fields. This is a notification only.

    To check if GL Accounts have Custom Fields:

    • Go to Financials > Utilities > Export Chart of Accounts
    • Refer to the following columns:
    • Text Field 1-6; Number Field 1-6; Check 1-6; Char Field 1-6; Date Field 1-6
    Clear out old unused Saved Cashbook Receipts and Payments Remaining receipts and payments will be migrated as recurring transactions.
    • For each bank account in Cashbook Receipts and Payments check the dropdown against the Payee/Payer field. 
    • Delete any unused saved receipts/payments.
    Bank Reconciliation is up to date Bring bank reconciliation up to date. Check older/unused/obsolete bank accounts for any unreconciled transactions.

    System Verification Report balances

    This report must be in balance before Migration. Ensure balances and totals are correct.
    Go to Admin > System Reports > System Verification
    Follow this link for troubleshooting variances.
    Run a Reindex

    Go to Admin > Reindex Files 

    Follow this link for more information.

    Run a Pre-Migration Backup

    Run a pre-migration utility backup. At the end of the standard file name, add a note: 


    Follow this link for more information.

    Download and Run the Migration Utility

    Download the latest Migration Utility here

    Current Zip File version is:

    Extract the file and replace the file in the Infusion folder.

    System Verification Report balances

    Go to Admin > System Reports > System Verification

    Re-run the System verification after the utility to ensure data continues to balance.

    Run a  backup and contact Infusion Support

    At the end of the standard file name, add a note: 


    Contact Infusion Support to arrange transfer of the backup file for Migration to an evaluation license which you will have access to for 2 weeks. 

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