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    Write Off Product with Serial Numbers

    Writing off Products that have serial numbers follows the same general process as a Product Write Off, with additional detail included to manage the serial numbers.

    Products with serial numbers are written off as part of the process to edit serial numbers. In this instance, a corresponding Product Receipt is created to go with the Write Off.

    To write off a serial tracked item start the same as Create a Product Write Off. When the product code is entered, a pop-up window displays to select the serial number.

    Unique serial numbers

    Use the drop-down arrow and select the serial number from the list. Serial numbers are recorded when a product is receipted.

    Multiple products can be written off. Select +Add another to continue adding products with serial numbers to write off. The Quantity count updates as numbers are added.

    A serial number may be manually entered for write off. When this is done an alert icon shows with a message to advise the product has not been receipted in. The Write Off can still be processed. 

    When all numbers have been updated select OK to continue. The Quantity field updates with the Quantity count. Save to add the product.

    Multiple Quantity serial numbers

    The pop-up window displays to record the serial number detail. Use the drop-down to select the serial number or enter manually. As it is a multiple quantity serial number, only one number is available to select and record.

    Select OK to proceed. 

    Enter the number of units to be written off in the Quantity field.

    Save to add the product.

    Continue with the Write Off and Save to hold, or Post to complete.

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