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    Organisation and License Settings

    Manage the license name and contact details, package settings and session limits.

    To manage Organisation and License Settings, go to Settings > Organisation. A list of settings is available.

    License fees are established by License Settings, determined by the License Package, Session Limits and Active POS Terminal Limits. The License Package is the fee for the subscription, and this is multiplied by the total number of Session Limits and Active POS Terminal Limits registered.

    Organisation Settings

    The Organisation Settings record the trading name of the business. Details from here are used on documents such as Invoices, Statements, Packing Slips and reports. Go to Settings > Organisation > Organisation Settings and select Edit in the toolbar to activate fields.



    Enter your business details and Save.

    Changes to organisation name and address details are automatic. Documents that are posted or pending and reference the name or address are updated to reflect the new details.

    License Settings

    License settings are established when a License is first created. 

    Changes can be made at any time within the software. Go to Settings > Organisation > License Settings and select Edit in the toolbar to activate fields.

    • Partner: your point of contact for software support.
    • License Package: the Infusion subscription for the license.
    • Zone ID: your local timezone.
    • Sessions Limit: the number of Users that may be signed in at one time. Note that there may be multiple user accounts, the Session Limit determines how many non POS users can be in Infusion at the same time. If all sessions are in use, subsequent Users are presented with a notification to advise that Session Limits are exceeded.

    Changes made to the License Package or Sessions Limit will generate a change of subscription fee.

    Changes to Names and Addresses on Licenses on the Organisation Settings do not generate a change in the subscription fee. 

    If the business is sold or changes name, then the subscription can be updated without a fee. However, if the old owner wishes to keep a separate data file the new owner is required to establish their own subscription.

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