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    08.06.2021 - Release Notes 0.33

    Issue date: 08 Jun 2021

    User Experience


    Search bar hides when in edit mode
    The search bar now hides when Edit mode is active for transactions or records. This allows more usable screen space.  #1887

    Shortcut Keys - Save and Post
    Shortcut keys Alt+S and Alt+P have been enabled for ‘Save’ and ‘Post’ buttons.  #3829

    Required Fields Indicator on a Collapsed Header
    A red line will display beside a collapsed header to indicate that there is invalid information or required fields that need to be entered before posting the transaction.  #4998 & #5043

    Release Notes link
    A link to ‘Release Notes’ has been added to the ‘Support’ menu and directs Users to the Release Notes homepage within the knowledge base. 

    Please note that new Releases will not be deployed at the same time for all Licensees. Please contact Infusion Support for any queries regarding functionality.  #5020


    Record Identifier – Enquiry Screens
    The record identifier - Customer/Supplier account number, Bank GL ID, Product code, Journal code etc – now displays consistently across all Enquiry screens.  #3873



    International Customer Setting

    A setting is now available on the Customer Terms tab to record the Customer as International.

    • Invoices and Payments will process with Zero Rated GST
    • Adjustments will default to Zero Rated GST, this can be over-ridden

    A Customer’s International status cannot be changed if there are pending Invoices or Quotes for the Customer, this prevents incorrect processing.    #3014


    Customer Import / Export – Price Levels Added
    ‘Price Levels’ are now included as a new column in Customer Lists for imports and exports. The entered ‘Price Level’ must match available options within Infusion.  #4218

    Customer Adjustment Import 
    The date formatting has been improved to allow standard formatting dd/mm/yyyy.
    Multiple adjustments per Customer can now be imported.  #4368

    Customer Accounts – Title List Updated
    ‘Not Specified’ has been added to the list of titles for Customers. This allows Customers to have titles removed from their account.  #4758

    Customer Delivery Addresses
    The usability has been improved when adding or editing multiple Customer Delivery Addresses. When adding or opening an address, the first field is automatically active.  #5045

    Stop Credit Messages – Invoices & Quotes
    Consistent messages have been applied for ‘Stop Credit’ messages.  #5050



    Stop Credit Messages – Payments
    The Customer Payment screen now shows an alert to show the customer is on Stop Credit.  #5051

    Customer Adjustments – Improved Usability
    The usability within Customer Adjustments has been improved if the GL Account is selected before the amount is entered. 

    Customers - Invoices


    Exclude Inactive Staff Members
    Inactive Staff Members are not available in the drop-down on Customer Invoices.  #3540

    Customer Invoice Enquiry – Product Section;
    Header titles have been updated for clarity and the product description is now included with the product code.  

    Post & Email Default Option on Customer Invoices
    If a Customer has an email address stored on their Customer Account, ‘Post & Email’ is the default option when posting an invoice.
    The drop-down arrow can be used to select ‘Post’ if the invoice does not need to be emailed. 

    Customer Search Detail
    More detail is included in Customer search fields. This allows easier identification of the record to select.  

    Stop Credit Customers - Disable Edit Invoice Features
    Alert icons have been added to the unposted Customer Invoice lists to highlight the ‘Stop Credit’ status.
    Edit Icons have been removed from Customer Invoice lists.  #4858

    The Edit button has been removed from within an unposted invoice.

    Standard Customer:

    Stop Credit Customer:

    Assigning Unique Numbers to Customer Invoices
    For Licensees with Invoice number editing enabled:
    A message ‘Already Assigned’ displays, with an icon to select the next available number if a previously used number is entered. 

    Customer Invoice Standard Layouts
    Unposted Invoices updated to include ‘Proforma’ in the header when viewing.
    Payment details display in a fixed location at the bottom of the page, allowing for better handling of longer or complex lines on invoices. ‘Freight’ and ‘Rounding’ is clearly defined in the payment details.  #5013

    Customer Invoice Screen – List Improvements
    The Customer Invoices screen has been improved to provide better visibility of invoice details on screen.

    • Sales Rep – Staff Code only, the name has been removed
    • Terms – Either ‘Cash’ or ‘Terms’, specific terms have been removed
    • Stop Credit Customers – Alert symbol identifies a Customer is now on Stop Credit  #5019


    Edited Product Descriptions Reverting
    An issue where a edits made to a product description were removed when re-opening the line for editing has been resolved.  #4441

    Deleted, Unposted Payments Visibility on Payment Enquiry Transactions Tab
    An issue where a deleted, unposted Customer Payment was still visible on the Enquiry tab of a Customer or Supplier Invoice or Adjustment has been resolved. #4705

    Markup Updates when Editing Rates
    An issue where the markup is not updating on an invoice line when the rate is edited has been resolved.
    This issue was only apparent on GST Inclusive Licensees. #4965

    Markup on Discounted Product Line
    The markup figure on a discounted product line on a Customer Invoice is now calculating correctly.  



    International Supplier Setting

    A setting is now available on the Supplier Terms tab to record the Supplier as International.

    • Invoices and Payments will process with GST Exempt
    • Adjustments will default to GST Exempt, this can be over-ridden

    A Supplier’s International status cannot be changed if there are pending invoices for the Supplier, this prevents incorrect processing.    #3014

    Supplier Adjustments Import/Export
    Supplier Adjustments can now be imported and exported via More Options on the Supplier window.  #4933

    Supplier Lists Import/Export
    Supplier lists can now be imported and exported via More Options on the Supplier window. 


    Supplier Adjustments – Improved Usability
    The usability within Supplier Adjustments has been improved if the GL Account is selected before the amount is entered. 

    Suppliers - Invoices


    GST Calculation on Supplier Invoice with Freight
    An issue where GST was being incorrectly apportioned if freight was included on a Supplier Invoice has been resolved.
    This issue was only apparent on Payments Basis GST Licensees.  



    Product Setting – Stop all Purchase Orders
    A new Product Setting – ‘Stop all Purchase Orders’ is available. When turned on, the product is excluded from the selection list within a Purchase Order. 


    Exclude Inactive Product Locations
    Inactive ‘Product Locations’ are now excluded from selection lists in Product Transactions. #3277

    Price Level Sorting
    Price Level lists are now sorted by the ‘Price Level’ code. Licensees can create their own sorting sequence using the code.  #3668

    Product Enquiry – Quantities Tab
    Additional information been added to the Quantities tab on Product Enquiry. Further columns include ‘On Order’ and ‘Available’, and ‘Totals’ are included.  

    Product Enquiry – Serial Number Tab Expiry Date
    The expiry date now displays for serial tracked products in the Products Enquiry – Serial Numbers tab. 

    Credit Serial Tracked Products
    Serial tracked products are now able to be credited.  

    Products - Kitsets


    Kitset Type Changes
    A ‘When Receipted’ kitset cannot be changed to ‘When Invoiced’ if the Kitset has In Stock values. #4203

    Kitset Components Notifications
    Notifications on the Kitset Components tab inform the user that ‘Sell’ and ‘Cost’ pricing will be updated when components are added or removed.  

    Kitset Pricing Notifications
    Hover messages have been introduced on the Pricing tab to provide guidance.  



    $0.00 Deposits can now be Deposited
    Bank deposits totalling to $0.00 can now be entered, allowing transactions to be cleared from the bank deposit list.    #4386


    Additional Bank Imports now Supported
    The following bank formats are now supported to import:

    • BNZ Business – OFX
    • BNZ Business – Visa
    • ANZ Personal Credit Card - CSV  #4343

    Bank Reconciliation – Suggestions Exclude Inactive Records
    Inactive records (Customers, Suppliers, GL Accounts) are now excluded from suggestions within the Bank Reconciliation.  #4385    


    TSB Statement Import
    An issue with an import from a TSB Bank account has now been resolved.  #4406

    Supplier Transactions in the Bank Reconciliation
    An issue where Suppliers were not learnt after selection in a bank reconciliation has now been resolved.  



    Change User Email Address
    A User will now be notified by email if the Organisation Admin changes the email address recorded against the user. #4836

    Staff Member Settings – Default Location
    A Default Location has been added on the Staff Member account. This will be the default for Product Transactions and Purchase Orders once enabled.    


    Support for ‘DejaVu Sans’ Font
    DejaVu Sans font has been added to allow non-alpha characters such as tick boxes to be added to reports    

    Customers Pending Invoices
    • Report on invoices with a status of Unposted within a defined date range
    #3475 & #5001
    Customers Customer Quotes
    • Date Type’ field added to define date range parameters; options available are Quote Date or Expiry Date
    • ‘Report Type’ menu updated to include ‘Summary by Status’


    Dispatch Sheets
    • ‘Invoice Status’ field added to define status; options available are All, Posted or Unposted


    Sales Analysis MTD/YTD
    • Grand totals have been reinstated along with minor formatting fixes.

    • Refer also #4852


    Sales Analysis Reports
    • New filter ‘Sales Rep’ added to following reports; Sales Analysis, Sales Analysis MTD/YTD, Sales Analysis Top Sales
    • Sales Analysis – filter applies to Sales Rep added to an invoice
    • Sales Analysis MTD/YTD and Top Sales – filter applies to Sales Rep assigned to a Customer Account

    Financials GL Transaction Export
    There are now two options for the GL Transaction Export; All and Posted Transactions.
    • All Transactions - export Posted and Unposted transactions and Journals
    • Posted - export only posted transactions

    User roles have been defined to provide access to the GL Transactions (all GLs) exports to enable non system roles access.


    A new column - 'Export Account ID' - has been added to the GL Transactions (all GLs) exports; if the GL Account has an Export Account ID recorded, this is included on the export.


    Individual GL Account transaction exports have been expanded to also include All, or Posted options; access via the spill menu.


    Download a PDF of the Release Notes here.

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