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    Importing Journals or Journal Lines

    Importing A Journal

    A journal can be imported from a CSV file in the Financials > Journals using the Import button. 

    This will result in a pending journal which can then be posted if it passes validation. 

    For backward compatibility, the format for this import is identical to the Desktop version of Infusion which is a CSV file with the following columns: 

    • Transaction Type - "1"
    • GL ID
    • Transaction date
    • Reference (optional)
    • Description
    • Amount (credits are -ve, debits are +ve)
    • Batch ID

    Example: 1,1200.0000,12/03/22,123,Invoice 123,-100.00,WAGES 

    Importing Journal Lines

    Once a journal has been created, the lines can be imported from a CSV file.

    Use the Import button next to + Add Line

    The file must have the following column headers which must be included on the import file. 


    Either the Debit or Credit Amount must be populated with a positive value, and the opposite value populated with 0.  Both columns cannot be populated. 

    • Transaction date
    • GL ID
    • Reference
    • Description
    • Debit Amount 
    • Credit Amount
    • Notes
    • Cost Centre  

    Set the Cost Centre to "Default" if Cost Centres are not enabled.  

    Once the lines are imported and the Batch Variance is 0, the journal can be posted. 

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