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    Journals screen overview

    Transactions can be posted directly to GL Accounts through the use of Journals.

    Filtering Journals

    Use the filter and search bar to manage the journals to display. The default display is Unposted.

    Filters with an arrow indicate further fields. The expanded selection is highlighted with further options shown.

    Batch, Description, Journal Number and Posted By are searchable filters. Data entered into the Search field will apply to the selected filter.

    Journal Type, Reversal Status and Transaction Status are refining filters. When applied, the list shows only results of the selected filter.

    Journal Symbols

    Symbols in the Journal # column indicate what type of journal it is. 

    Journal was reversed

    A partner symbol for reversed journals Indicating that this journal was reversed.

    Reverses an earlier journal

    The partner for reversed journals indicating that this is the reversing journal. 

    Accrual journal

    A partner symbol for accrual journals. This sits with the original accrual journal

    Reverse an Accrual Journal

    The partner to an accrual journal. The reverse arrow highlights it is the reversing journal


    Sits with journals that have been converted to recurring and are yet to have recurring details set

    Recurring - Journal Date

    Posted journals - the date the recurring journal was posted

    Unposted journals – the date the recurring journal is due to be posted

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