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    Product Receipts for products with Serial Numbers

    Receipting in products with serial numbers follows the same general process as a standard Product Receipt, with further information required when the product code is entered.

    Create a Product Receipt as usual, entering required details. When the product code is entered, a pop-up window displays for entry of serial number information.

    Unique serial numbers

    Enter the serial number for the new item. Use +Add another to continue to add new serial numbers for each item.

    The Quantity count updates as each new serial number is added.

    When all serial numbers have been added, select OK to continue adding other product to the receipt. The Quantity count automatically updates to the Quantity field in the product row of the receipt.

    Save to add the product row.

    Batch Serial Numbers

    For products that use batch serial numbers, the pop up window opens for entry of a serial number. Only one number is able to be added per line.

    Select OK to proceed and return to the product row. 

    Enter the number of units to be received in the Quantity field.

    Save to add the product row.

    Additional stock can be receipted in to an existing batch. The serial number is entered in as though it is a new number. It is important to take care to enter details correctly otherwise a new batch will be created.

    Unrecorded serial numbers

    Products with serial numbers are indicated with a barcode symbol beside the product code.

    When serial numbers are recorded against the product, the symbol is grey. If serial numbers have not been added to the likes of an entry on an invoice, the symbol is red.

    Select the product to activate the row and click on Serial Number to open the entry window. 

    Update as usual and Save to complete.

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