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    GST Settings

    Manage IRD details and GST rates

    IRD Details

    Enter the licensee’s IRD and GST filing details.



    GST On Quotes/Invoices

    Select whether product and GL line sell rates on Quotes and Customer Invoices are to display as GST inclusive or GST exclusive.


    GST Rates & Alternate Rates

    GST Rates are pre-configured based on the country the licence is for.  

    Additional GST rates can be setup as required with their effective starting dates.  These are displayed in the Alternate Rates section below the standard GST rates. 


    In view mode in GST Settings, click +Add to add Alternate Rates. Enter a Name for the new rate, the actual GST Rate/Percentage  and the date which this is Effective from. Click Add. Save button will stay red until at least one rate has been added.

    Multiple Effective dates can be entered allowing rates to be set. 


    The list updates to confirm the rate details. Select Save.

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