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    FAQs - Public API

    Here are some common questions and answers about our Public API.

    1. Do the licenseuuid and sessionuuid tokens expire, or are they unlimited?

    Tokens expire after 60 days of non-use.

    2. Is modifiedTimestamp set the same as createdTimestamp when a record is created (rather than null)?

    They are both set when the record is created and the versionNumber is set to 0. Subsequent changes update the modifiedTimestamp and the versionNumber.

    3. Are there any API restrictions such as calls per minute/download or size/IP whitelisting? 

    The Rate Limiting is 10 requests per second. We don’t place limits on download size and we don’t whitelist IP addresses.

    4. Does every entity in the data model have a UUID (as in, all records can be uniquely identified)?

    Every entity has a UUID.

    5. Should I use Search or Synchronisation?

    Both the Search endpoints and Data Synchronisation can provide the same information. When using Search you make a request each time you need information which can put load on the servers, however it does have the advantage of built-in search criteria and text-matching. Data Synchronisation on the other hand, allows you to keep an up-to-date local copy of the data.

    We strongly recommend using Data Synchronisation where possible, especially if you need to constantly request data, for example when providing a product search for an e-commerce website.

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