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    12.06.2023 - Release Notes 0.46


    Download Release Notes from Version 0.46 Release Notes.pdf





    Drag & drop images or documents

    An issue where the first image or document could not be drag and dropped into the record, has been resolved.


    Search inconsistency

    An issue identified where the product code, or customer/ supplier account number was not being weighted correctly when searching, has been resolved.  



    Sales Staff Role - Inconsistencies

    The Sales Staff and Sales Manager roles have been updated to ensure users with those roles can complete required tasks but have no access to costs on invoices, quotes, products, purchase orders. 


    Make Standard Texts available to Sales Staff

    The Sales Staff role now has access to Standard Notes in Customer transactions.     


    Make Email Log available to all users

    The Email log is now accessible to all users so that they can check when or if emails have been sent. This is located under the Settings > Organisation menu.   





    Bulk Print Packing Slips

    A user is able to select multiple invoices from the invoices list and print packing slips for them the same way that invoices can be bulk printed.

    7903  Warehouse Pick and Pack functionality

    A new module is now available to assist users to ensure that the barcode of the item they have picked matches the product on the invoice.  For further details see the knowledgebase article:



    Customer Statements – Order

    Running customer statements from the Customers > More Options menu will now run the statements in order of customer account. 



    Bulk Print Customer Statements - Order of Printing

    Customer Statements are now produced in account order.  


    Add Invoice / Quote Location to CUSTOMER_INVOICES & CUSTOMER_QUOTES Datasource

    An Invoice, Quote or Packing Slip layout can be edited to print the location of the transaction as the company's address. This is a report customisation available on request.  


    Sales Rep on Backorder Created invoices

    A pending Customer invoice created from filling a backorder now has the sales rep populated provided there is no conflict.  If the invoice results from consolidating backorders, and the sales rep was different on the original invoices, the sales rep will remain blank and must be populated before posting.  


    Customer Statement Open Items - Reference Added

    The transaction Reference has been included in the Customer Statement Open Items if populated on the transaction. 


    Stocktake Variance Report - Serial Number length

    The Stocktake Variance Report has been improved to accommodate 50 characters for serial numbers.


    Indicate customer on stop credit inside the actual backorder screen

    A Stop Credit indicator is available on the Backorders list screen, and when viewing the backorder.

    Customers on Stop Credit are excluded from filling Backorders.


    Customer sales budget migration

    Customer Sales budget figures are now included in the migration process


    Customer sales budgets tab available

    A customer sales budgets tab is available in a customer record. This will be accessible in an upcoming import / export and sales analysis report.






    Previous Purchase Order Delivery Address persists on next one

    An issue where, if a delivery address was edited on a Purchase Order, Product Receipt or Transfer, the next transaction within the same session would retain that delivery address, has been resolved.



    Import Lines into a Purchase Order

    Product lines can now be imported into a Purchase Order. See the Knowledge Base article for the file structure.





    Import / Export Website Data for Products

    Website tags and settings are now included in the product export and able to be imported using the same import routine.



    Purchase Order List on Product Enquiry Improvements

    The Purchase Order list of a Product Enquiry has been improved to initially display only Open Purchase orders.  The user can view all Purchase Orders by removing the Open filter.  Totals display for the filtered list.


    API - Quantity Breaks

    Product quantity breaks are now available in the External API.


    Add new columns to the Product List Screen and tidy up existing columns

    The Product list screen now includes Stock quantities, a single price level and, if the user is appropriately privileged, the latest or average landed cost (depending on license settings). 
     The price level is selected as the first price level on the list.  To create space, the Type, Group & Sub Group columns are now limited to the code rather than the description of each. 


    Product Price Levels Export/Import behaviour

    The Product Price Level import export routine has been changed to avoid unintended updates.   Price Levels which have active Product Group Markups on products with pricing set to Product Group Markup are no longer included in the export to ensure users don't import prices that will not be implemented due to the Product Group Markup.


    Price Below Cost indicator on Price Levels

    If a price level is below the landed cost (Latest or average depending the system setting) the Markup (%) figure is indicated in red on the Product > Pricing tab.  


    Add Default for new product settings - "Include in Website "

    The "Include in Website" setting can be set as a default for new products in Settings > Product Settings.


    Enhance Website Description handling (for format and Public Notes)

    A dropdown option has been added to the Description field of a product's website tab to define whether the format is HTML or Plain Text.

    Website integrations are able to use this setting on each product to display the description correctly.  


    Add UPCA Barcode option and EAN13 Barcode doesn't print Barcode text below

    The software now supports barcodes in EAN13 or UPCA Barcode formats.  


    Product History Window - Improve Column size & Add Order Number

    The Product History screen available from a Customer Invoice has been improved to include the Order Number of the invoice and to improve the space used on screen.


    Show Product Summary Icon on the Product List Screen

    The Product Summary icon is now available for each product on the Product List screen, giving the user quick access to quantities per location, the product's image, and additional pricing.


    Remove unnecessary empty space on Product Details Tab

    Removed unnecessary empty space visible on the Product Details tab when a product tracks serial numbers.


    Include Website Description when creating Product Variants

    Variable Product Internal, Public and Web Description notes now copy through to the Variant products on creation.  


    Disable ADD button on edit mode of Product Promotions tab

    When adding Contract Rates, Delivery Addresses, Contacts and Promotional Prices, the "Add" button was previously enabled when editing a new record - potentially leading to accidentally over-writing the current record.  The "Add" button is now disabled when in edit mode on a record.





    Bank Deposit list sorting

    The list of Undeposited Bankings has been improved to sort by Transaction Type, then Source Document ID.





    Product Reorder - By Sales

    A new report - Product Reorder - By Sales is available from the Products > More Options menu.   

    Options include:

    * include negative recommended order quantities

    * include component quantities of when invoiced kitsets as sales

    * include Stop all Purchase Order products


    Dual Date Range Sales Analysis - Portrait (no Costs)

    A new report:  Sales Analysis Dual Date Range is available from the Customers - More Options menu.     

    This report does not include costs and so is available to Sales Staff roles.


    Sales Analysis YTD with Previous Year report

    A new report - Sales Analysis YTD with Previous Year is available from the Customers > More Options menu.  This report is does not contain costs and is available to the sales staff role.



    Sales Analysis reports - User Roles

    Updates have been made to Sales Analysis report access levels to ensure that reports that do not include cost pricing are available to both Sales Staff, and Sales Manager roles.   These include:

    * Sales Analysis MTD/YTD

    * Sales Analysis - Top Sales

    * Sales Analysis - 13 Month


    Add Barcode and Additional Price level option into Customer Pricelist Spec

    An additional price level is now available in the Customer Pricelist report.     This can be used to customise the report to allow the user to print both the customer's own price as well as, say, the RRP for each product.  Contact Infusion Support for customisation requests.





    Woocommerce integration is now available

    Integration with E-commerce provider Woocommerce is  now complete and available.  Contact Infusion Support for more information.  


    Webhooks are now available in the API

    Webhooks are now available for use via the API.  Contact Infusion Support for more information.


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