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    Unallocated Supplier Payment

    When a payment is made that cannot be matched to an invoice, it is recognised as an Unallocated Payment. The payment is recorded against a supplier account as a credit balance to be applied at a later date.

    Make an Unallocated Payment

    To record a payment as Unallocated, go to Suppliers > Payments and select +Add from the toolbar to open the New Supplier Payment screen.

    Enter the supplier and payment details, update the Payment Amount ($) field with the payment value.

    The payment screen expands to show outstanding invoices against the supplier account. If there are no invoices, a message displays to advise. 

    Without allocating the payment to any invoices, select Post from the toolbar to make the payment.

    Payments can be made where part of the payment is allocated to invoices, and part remains Unallocated. Choose which invoices to allocate payment to, and Post the payment with the remainder Unallocated.

    The notification pop-up confirms the payment with the Unallocated amount.

    The payment is confirmed and added as a credit to the supplier account. This can be viewed using Supplier > Enquiry

    The Transactions tab shows the payment and the outstanding balance from the payment.

    The Payments tab shows the Payment, with the status Unallocated.

    Allocate an Unallocated Payment

    Unallocated Payments are allocated using a Zero Payment. Create a new payment as usual. The credit balance shows on the payment screen. 

    Use the double-ended arrows to autofill the Apply Credit field with the full credit balance, or enter the applicable amount for the payment.

    Available invoices display. Use Auto Pay to allocate the credit in full, working from the oldest invoice forward, or select specific invoices to pay. Enter the allocation in the Paying Now field.

    When the payment has been applied to the appropriate invoices, select Post to complete. The notification pop-up confirms the payment allocation and any outstanding credit remaining.

    The payment is recorded against the supplier account and can be viewed from Supplier > Enquiry. The payment displays on the Payments tab where it is recorded with $0 value. 


    Open the payment to cross-reference the original invoice and unallocated payment.

    The Transactions tab shows the Outstanding Balance of the original Unallocated payment. If the payment has been applied in full, clear the filter to show the payment with no remaining balance.

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