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    GST Returns

    GST Returns automatically generate within Infusion. Returns are created with taxable periods derived from the First Month of the Financial Year (Financial Settings) and the Filing Frequency (GST Settings), e.g. Monthly, Two Monthly, Six Monthly.

    To view the GST Returns within the software go to Financials > GST Returns.


    The list displays all Open Returns - these being Returns that are Overdue or In Progress. To view closed returns, clear the filter in the Search field and refresh the display. 

    As the system knows the GST Return basis and period from the system settings, Returns are created automatically. On the first day of the next period a new return is automatically generated.

    Selecting +Add refreshes the screen to provide an up to date list of Returns. It does not allow a return to be manually created.

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    Returns are prepared and displayed in chronological order with the most current at the top of the list. All prior Returns must be Closed Off before a Return itself can be Closed Off. 

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