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    Settings | Customer Invoice and Quote

    Establish settings for when customer invoices and quotes are processed.


    Use the slider buttons to enable sales staff to Allow discounts on Quotes or Invoices and Allow editing of invoice / quote number to override system generated numbers.


    Invoice Settings


    • The system manages the creation of invoice numbers. Update the Next Invoice Number field to set the next number to use.
    • A Payment Message can be set up to appear on Customer Invoices and Statements.

    The message shows beside the invoice payment details.

    • Activate the Prompt For payment when posting to prompt for a customer payment when posting an invoice regardless of the Customer’s payment terms.
    • Enter the sending email details to display when invoices are issued by email into the Accounts Receivable Email and Accounts Receivable Email Signature fields. As text is added, the signature field expands.

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    Links within the message to email and websites are active in the sent email.


    If the Accounts Receivable Email address is blank, emails are sent to customers with Infusion Business Software as the sender.


    Quote Settings




    • Quote Settings allow setting of the Next Quote Number to be used.
    • The Quotes Valid For field sets the length of time a quote is valid for.
    • Sending email details are specified in the Sales Email and Sales Email Signature address fields for use when sending Quotes to customers.

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