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    Customer Settings

    Customer Settings determine the general default settings for the Customer module.

    Defaults For New Customers

    Settings available for new customers are: (defaults indicated in brackets)

    • Account Type (Individual) : Define if new customers are individuals or organisations, this can be changed manually during the customer addition
    • Require an order number on quotes and invoices (OFF)
    • International customer (OFF)
    • Send statements (ON)
    • Accept Backorders (ON)
    • Allow discount matrix pricing (ON)
    • Include pricing on packing slips (OFF)
    • Define the Default Payment Terms to be applied to a new customer account when created.



    Options available are Number of days after the Invoice date, Cash Sale or Given day after EOM.

    Account settings

    Customer account numbers can be set to either use an Automatic Account Number or be manually entered. The next automatic number to be used is displayed in the Next Account Number field. This can be edited / set to a desired value. If the value in this field is below existing accounts, the system will skip using these so duplicates aren’t created.   



    Sort keys 

    You can choose to allow editing of sort keys on customer records. Sort keys are are identifying codes for customers and suppliers, and will be auto-generated on save if the field is left blank. 

     With the Enable Sort Key setting on, users are able to add or edit a sort key.

    Required fields

    Use the toggle buttons to specify which fields are mandatory when creating a new customer record.


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