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    Customer Terms / Pricing Additional options

    On the Terms / Pricing tab of a Customer account are a number of additional slider options, these turn blue when activated.

    Require an order number on quotes and invoices:  If selected, to post an invoice will require an order number to be supplied by the Customer.

    International customer (GST Exempt): Accounts activated for this will have no GST calculated on Invoices and Quotes created for them.

    Send Statements:  Deselecting this option excludes the Customer from statement runs.

    Accepts backorders: Enables the backorder option on Customer Invoices.

    Allow discount matrix pricing: This option allows discount matrix pricing to be activated / deactivated at the Customer level.

    Include pricing on packing slips: If the standard packing slip option is selected, this will Include the pricing on the packing slip for this customer.

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