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    Set Up Head Office Accounts

    Head Office accounts enable a customer to have their invoices billed to a Head Office, while still having the invoice recorded against their account.

    Before a Head Office can be added to a customer account, you need to add the Head Office as a separate customer. See the article Add a Customer to find out how to do this.

    Having a Head Office account setup under a Customer Account means that: 

    • the customer has the invoice recorded against their account, but is not responsible for paying it
    • invoices charged to Head Office are included on Head Office statements 
    • sales analysis reports still reference invoices and sales against the customer account, and not the Head Office account
    • pricing terms of the invoice are based on what's in the customer record, not Head Office. 


    Existing customer transactions remain associated with a customer account. Only transactions created after a Head Office is added to a customer account are charged to Head Office.

    Assign a Head Office account to a customer

    To assign a Head Office, go to Customers on the main menu and locate your customer. Open the customer account and select the Terms / Pricing tab. Select Edit.

    In the Head Office Account field, select your Head Office account and then Save to complete. Multiple customers can share the same Head Office. Update each customer as required.

    Charge an invoice to a Head Office account

    When a customer is linked to a Head Office account, new invoices will by default be charged to the associated Head Office. This is indicated with a checkbox beneath the customer details. If you uncheck the box, the invoice will be charged to the customer, so be cautious about unchecking this. 

    If you know a customer record should have a head office account attached to it, but you don't see one appear, go back to the Customer record and make sure the Head Office is recorded in the Terms / Pricing tab. 

    When you view the list of invoices on the Customers > Invoices page, invoices that are charged to a Head Office account will show the Head Office icon. When you hover over the icon, the Head Office the invoice is being charged to will display. 


    When an Invoice gets emailed, copies of the invoice will get sent to both the Head Office and the Branch Office email addresses. 

    When generating and emailing statements for the Branch or Head Offices it will only go to that office. So a statement generated for the Branch Office will only email to the Branch Office.

    Viewing the linked branches

    To view which branches are linked to a head office account, open the head office account from the Customers module and choose Enquiry. Under the Branches tab will be all the associated branches. 

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