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    Import and Export Customer Adjustments

    Customer Adjustments are used for a variety of reasons and adjust the balance on a customer's account. Importing Customer Adjustments allows updates to be made in bulk. Exporting provides opportunity to search for adjustments as well as analysis of historic adjustments.

    To import or export Customer Adjustments, go to the Customers module and expand the ...More Options menu in the Customers toolbar. Both Import and Export expand to show further options including Customers Adjustments.


    The import file doesn’t need to have every single column included in the export. Instead, only the columns for the changes and columns to identify the information need to be included. The column names need to match the names of the columns in the export.

    Import Customer Adjustments

    Imports must be from .csv files and follow the formatting requirements of the fields within Infusion.

    A Customer Adjustments template has been created with pre-formatted fields to match import requirements. Download the Customer Adjustments Template create a fresh .csv file to use for import.

    Full instructions are provided on the template to advise mandatory fields as well as field content and formatting conditions.

    Alternatively, export existing customer adjustments and clear the content to start a new import file.

    When importing Customer Adjustments, each row is treated as a new transaction against the customer record. Imports cannot be used to change existing adjustments. If an adjustment has been incorrectly entered, a new adjustment is required to reflect the required change.

    Export Customer Adjustments

    Transactions are exported as a .csv file. An exported Customer Adjustments file is a helpful tool for searching for Customer Adjustments as well as providing ability to analyse adjustments if required.

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