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    Manage Customer Delivery Addresses

    Multiple delivery addresses can be added to a customer account. You can then choose the correct address from the options on your invoices and quotes.

    To add more than one address to a customer account, go to Customers and locate and open the customer record. Go to the Delivery Addresses tab.

    Add a delivery address 

    Select +Add to open the New Address box.

    Enter the address details and then Save to update to the list.

    Edit a delivery address

    Select the Edit icon at the end of the address to open the details. Make required changes and select Save.

    Delete a delivery address

    Select the address to open the edit window. Click on the spill buttons and select Delete from the menu.

    Select a delivery address on an invoice or quote

    When creating an invoice or quote, the primary delivery address will be populated by default. Select   above the Delivery Address field to choose a different delivery address.

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