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    Import and Export Customers

    Customer records are available to import and export as .csv files to and from Infusion , allowing you to manage and update customer records at scale.

    Import and Export options are available from the ...More Options menu in the Customer module. Both Import and Export expand to provide further options.

    Import Customers

    Imports must be from .csv files and follow the formatting requirements of the fields within Infusion.

    A Customers Import template has been created with pre-formatted fields to match import requirements. For the most up to date template, please use the export customers option in the software.  This export is frequently updated as new settings are added.  

    When importing customer records the following rules apply:

    • Any records changed in the .csv file update the record in Infusion.
    • New records in the .csv file are added to Infusion.
    • Existing records in Infusion do not change if there is no change or it is not included in the .csv file

    Export Customers

    Records are exported as a .csv file. An exported file provides a useful tool when reviewing customer records and whilst no sales information is included in the export, analysis of customer location, customer type and more can be undertaken with the records. 

    Use the exported file to make changes and re-import the updates.

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