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    Set up Contract Rates

    Contract rates can be setup to provide specific pricing for products when sold to a customer.

    To create a Contract Rate, go to the Customers tab in the navigation sidebar and select the customer account. Go to the Contract Rates tab and select +Add.

    Complete the details to apply the Contract Rate.

    • In the Apply To field, select either a Product or Product Group and then appropriate Product or Product Group in the next field.
    • Set the Start and End Date that the Contract Rate applies for.
    • The Rate Type sets the type of discount. Choose between:
      • Fixed rate (Product only)
      • Percentage above cost
      • Percentage below selling price
    • For a Fixed Rate enter a GST exclusive dollar amount. Enter a percent value for either of the percentage types.

    Save to complete.

    Multiple contract rates can be added for a customer. Continue to +Add to create new rates. 

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