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    Change a Customer’s Pricing Options

    New customers automatically have a default pricing options applied to their account. These can be tailored specifically for individual customer accounts, allowing differing pricing options for different customer types and agreements.

    To change pricing options for a customer, go to the Customers tab in the navigation sidebar. Select the customer account from the list and go to the Terms / Pricing tab.

    Select Edit to activate the fields and add details as required:

    • Price Level - choose the price level required for the customer from the drop-down menu. 
    • Default Discount (%) - enter a percentage to apply a discount to all product lines on invoices for this Customer.

    Save to complete.

    Settings established within the Terms / Pricing tab apply to all invoices created for the customer.

    Customers may also have Contract Rates setup for them offering specific pricing for products or product groups. 

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