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    Transfer Products

    Product Transfers are used to record the movement of products between locations.

    To create a Product Transfer, go to Products > Transfers and select +Add.

    The New Product Transfer window opens.

    Enter the From and To Locations. Address details auto-populate.

    The Transfer number can be manually entered to create a specific reference, or left blank for the next transfer number to be automatically applied.

    Include the Transferred By staff member and update any Notes if required.

    Select Save to proceed. The product entry line displays, ready for products to be added.

    Enter the Product Code in the Product field. The remaining fields auto-fill. The Description field is free-text and can be edited if required. Cost is the Latest Cost recorded against the product.

    Select Save and continue to add further products if required, using +Product for each new Product.

    When all products have been included on the product transfer, select X - above the product code - and close the product table. The transfer is Unposted and can be held, or Posted to complete.

    To hold the Transfer, select Back to return to the Transfers list where the Transfer displays.

    To Post the Transfer and complete the transaction, select Post. A notification confirms the transfer details.

    Transfer products with Serial Numbers

    To add the serial tracked product to the transfer, select the product code as usual. The code is recognised as requiring serial number information and the serial number window displays.

    Standard Serial Number Entry

    Select the appropriate serial numbers from the drop-down to transfer. If multiple numbers are required, select +Add Another to continue adding. 

    The Quantity count updates as serial numbers are added.

    Select OK to proceed with the transfer.

    Batch Serial Number Entry

    Select the serial number from the drop-down or enter the serial number if it is not available. 

    Only one serial number can be allocated against a product for batch transfers. 

    Select OK to continue.

    Update the quantity to transfer in the Quantity field.

    After the serial number is selected and quantities confirmed, continue to complete the transfer as usual.

    Serial Numbers added at time of Transfer

    New serial numbers may be added to a product when the Transfer is created and the serial number is not available in the list. Type the number into the serial number field and continue.

    If this needs to be done it is highly recommended that a Stocktake is carried out on the item being transferred to find out why it wasn't showing as being in stock.  

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