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    Viewing, Editing and Cancelling Customer Backorders

    View and assess your outstanding and completed backorders.

    To view customer backorders, from the main menu select Customers >Backorders

    You can also access backorders through the backorders tab in: 

    • customer enquiry; or 
    • product enquiry   

    The list includes all the main details of backorders and is sortable, searchable and filterable. 

    By default, only OPEN backorders are on screen. 


    Editing a backorder

    An open backorder is editable by clicking the pencil icon from the main backorders menu, or clicking into a backorder then selecting Edit from an enquiry screen. 

    Editable fields are: 

    • Backordered Quantity
    • Rate
    • Discount
    • Note


    Cancelling or holding a backorder 

    From the backorder's spill menu or the More Options menu when in Edit mode you can:

    • Hold a backorder.  This means when backorders are being filled, this line will be excluded. 
    • Cancel a backorder.  Cancelling a backorder requires a reason which is then visible on the cancelled backorder. 

    Cancelling a backorder only cancels that line.  Any other backorders processed on the same invoice will not be cancelled. 



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