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    How can I check my emails are set up correctly?

    Information to send to your Customer / Supplier to ensure your documents are received.

    We recommend checking in with a sample of customers and suppliers as soon as possible after commencing using the software to check that they are receiving your documents.  

    If a customer or supplier is not receiving your invoices / quotes / statements / purchase orders by email, please check the following:

    1. Check the Email Log - Settings > Email Log.  Scroll through or sort to check whether the email has been logged by the system.

    • If you can't see the email there, check the customer / supplier to ensure an email address is set to receive the document you are emailing.  They will either need their main email address ticked to Receive documents and/or a contact set to receive this document type. 
    • If you can see the email there, then: 

    2. Can you send an invoice by email to yourself?  

    • Create a test invoice
    • Enter your own email address into the email field.  
    • Save
    • Print to screen
    • Use the EMAIL link at the bottom of the screen 

    If you receive the email but your customer or supplier hasn't,  it means the customer/supplier's email account may be marking the emails as spam which is why the won't be receiving them.  Ask them to add both your sending email address and as Safe Senders / Whitelisted domains on their email server.  

    If you don't receive the email you may need to set up your SPF records to ensure your domain allows the software to send emails on your behalf. Click here for instructions to send to your IT provider.    SPF Record Instructions

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