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    Issue with Emails Being Rejected

    Learn how to resolve issues with emails being rejected.


    If your emails sent from the online version of Infusion are being rejected or returned, it is most likely because your domain (e.g. is not allowing Infusion to send an email on its behalf. You might see a bounce back with 'SPF' in the text.

    How to resolve the issue

    Contact your domain administrator or IT support and ask them to add the Netvalue mailserver to your existing SPF record via the DNS Zone Editor.  

    From this: v=spf1 -all

    To this: v=spf1 -all


    This change can take an hour or more to complete the corresponding sync. Until the sync has completed errors will still show. When the text directly under the email field in the Email Settings turns from red to black, the sync has been completed.

    How to check the SPF record

    Use a tool such as Super Tool. Enter your domain (e.g. and select SPF Record Lookup. You should see an entry like this:

    The Super Tool will show a line like this in green if the SPF record is correct. 

    If there is an issue with the SPF record, the record will be shaded red and there will be details underneath.

    For more on email settings, view our knowledge base article.

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