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    Reverse a Reconciled Bank Transaction

    If you have reconciled a bank transaction in error, such as to the wrong customer, you can undo the reconciliation and reinstate the bank transaction.

    To reverse a reconciled bank transaction, you need to reverse the transaction associated with it. This will undo the reconciliation and release the bank transaction. 

    Go to Financials > Bank Accounts and select the row of the relevant bank account. 

    Select the Processed tab and use the Filter to search for transactions with a Reconciled status. A list of reconciled transactions displays.Locate the transaction using the Filter or search bar.

    Open the transaction you want to reverse. Select ...More Options and then select Reverse

    A window will appear confirming that you want to create a reverse transaction. The transaction type displayed will match the transaction type you are reversing. 

    A reversal transaction is created, and the reconciliation to the bank transaction is released. The imported statement transaction can now be reconciled correctly. The transaction will be marked as a 'Reversal'.

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