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    Variable Products and their Variants

    How to use the Variable Product functionality to manage multiple products of similar types.

    What is a Variable Product? 

    It is a ‘master’ product from which multiple products can be created based on lists of variant options you will create. 

    This means for products like clothing, or items with multiple size or colour options the user can create the variant option lists and create the Variable Product, then the software will create the products for you. 

    A variable product cannot be purchased, sold, or used in any transaction - they are the master which controls the variant products. 

    Should I use Variable Products?

    Variable products are essentially a shortcut to creating multiple products. 

    For example, A clothing retailer receives t-shirts in 8 sizes and 3 colours.  Creating 24 variant products is simple using product variants.  You can opt out of any variant options you won't be stocking before creating the product variants

    It also ensures that the product code and description are consistent for all resulting products. 

    Pricing, grouping, dimensions and other settings are copied from the variable product to the variants so it is important to ensure that all settings are correct before adding the variants.

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