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    Create a Customer Quote or Estimate

    Quotes or Estimates can be provided to customers for their consideration prior to purchase. Quotes provide a useful reference for anticipating future work and managed well are a valuable resource.

    Quotes and Estimates are managed via the Quotes menu within the Customers module. The module, and transactions, are referred to generically as Quotes. In this article, references to Quotes includes Estimates and any other business specified Type, unless noted otherwise.

    An Estimate is an anticipated price which may fluctuate at the time of sale and a Quote is an agreed price that will be invoiced if accepted.

    Quotes and Estimates are the default Types in Quotes Settings. Organisations can add additional Types specific to their industry or business. 

    It is important when creating a new transaction for a customer that the correct Type is selected as this impacts on what can be invoiced. 

    The Quotes window defaults to show Active quotes and estimates.

    Within a Quote, Type is used to define a Quote or Estimate and this displays on the document that is issued to the customer. 

    Create a Quote or Estimate

    There are several methods of creating a Quote for a Customer.

    To create a new quote with no pre-populated fields:

    • From the main menu select Customers > Quotes then +Add from the toolbar
    • Using the Omni icon in the header, select +Quotes in the Customers menu

    To create a new quote with Customer details pre-populated:

    • From the Customers screen select the spill buttons at the end of a Customer row. Select +Quote
    • From within a Customer record, select ...More Options in the toolbar and choose +Quote from the menu

    Quotes are not available for customers on Stop Credit and do not show as an option in menus.

    The New Quote opens with the following default information populated:

    • Quote number - the next available number
    • Type - set to Estimates, change to Quote if required
    • Status - new quotes are set to Active. After the quote has been created, use the Status field to manage the progress of the quote. Refer to Manage Quote Status for more information.
    • Quote Date - today's date defaults, update if required
    • Expiry Date - a set period after the Quote Date as determined. This value can be set in Quotes Valid for is in the Customer and Invoice Quote Settings menu.

    Update any of the default information if and as required and complete the remaining fields. 

    If the Quote has been generated from a Customer, their details pre-populate into the quote. Ensure that contact and address information is correct, noting that any changes made on the quote do not update the Customer record and apply to the Quote only.

    Customer details

    • Charge To - the Customer who will be invoiced should the Quote be accepted. Once saved these cannot be changed 
    • Quote To - who is receiving the Quote or Estimate

    Quote details

    • Enter Reference and Order Numbers as supplied by the Customer
    • Quoted By is a required field to record the Sales Rep preparing the Quote 
    • Product Location identifies where stock will be sourced from  

    Product details

    Select +Product to add items to the Quote. An entry line opens to enter the product information. Use the drop-down in the Product field, or enter the code, barcode or description to search the Product list. When the product code is entered, the remaining fields automatically populate and are available for editing.

    Editing of the line is completed in the entry row fields, with the active line highlighted blue below it.

    To continue adding Product to the Quote, select +Product for each new row. A current row must be completed before a new row can be added.

    Serial Numbers

    Serial numbers for products are not required on a Quote. 

    Line types

    Lines other than Products can be added to provide structure to the Quote. Click on the drop-down arrow beside +Product for more line options. These include:

    • +GL Account
    • +Title
    • +Notes
    • +Separator

    Show Cost/Profit

    The display can be set to include cost and margin information by checking the Show Cost/Profit button. The Price Level for a cost can be amended on a row by row basis using the Apply Price Level option.

    Move lines

    Use the Move icon at the start of each row to reposition rows on the Quote.

    Delete quote lines

    To delete an individual line, select it to make it active. A rubbish bin icon displays above the entry line. Select this to Delete

    To delete multiple lines, select the checkboxes at the start of each row. The Delete button replaces the +Product button. Select to delete.

    Save the Quote when all details have been added.

    Issue a quote

    To issue a Quote to a Customer, from the Quotes screen use the spill buttons at the end of the quote row to open the menu.

    The Quote displays in the pop-up document window with options to Print, Email or Download the quote.

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