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    Add a staff member

    All staff are added to Infusion, even if they do not use the software. This allows their details to be recorded against transaction and records by other users, for example workshop staff may have jobsheets updated by admin staff.

    Personal and Emergency contact information can be recorded allowing all details to be stored in one location.

    To add a staff member go to Staff and select +Add from the toolbar. The New Staff window opens, displaying multiple tabs.

    Details tab

    The Details tab is used to record work contact information and is visible to all staff who have access to Infusion.

    Key fields include:

    Staff Code

    A unique ID per staff member, the staff code is not transferrable and can only be used once.

    Ensure a Staff Code is broad enough to allow for common scenarios. Consider using the first letters of a surname followed by the first initial. Using the surname initial as the first character will allow an alternate sort by surname to complement the search by Name option. For example, for Mary Smith use SMIM rather than MS.

    Name fields

    The Surname field is mandatory. Providing more information in remaining fields allows better management of records and more accuracy in searches.

    Contact details

    Ensure accuracy and grammar as information here can flow through to other parts of the software.

    Product Transaction Defaults

    Set the location so that whenever the staff member creates a product transaction (excluding transfers), the default location populates into the transaction.

    The staff member must be linked to a User profile for this feature to be active. 

    Staff member is an application user

    If the staff member uses Infusion, tick the box to connect to User settings. The window extends to connect the staff member to an Application User Account, select the relevant user to connect to. 

    The Staff Member name can be different to the Application User Account name and only one Application User Account may be linked to a Staff Member. A notification message displays if the Application User Account is already in use.

    Personal Details tab

    The Personal Details tab has restricted acess and is only available to the HR Manager role type. Use this tab to record a staff member's personal contact information.

    Emergency Contacts tab

    Use the Emergency Contacts tab to record one or more emergency contacts. As with the Personal Details tab, Emergency Contact details are restricted and only available to the HR Manager role. The main view on the Emergency Contacts tab lists current contacts.

    Select +Add to add contacts and use the edit pencil to update information. The Emergency Contacts window opens beside the list of Contacts. Update the mandatory fields and as much other information as is available.

    To remove an emergency contact click on the row to open the record. Click on the spill buttons and choose Delete to permanently remove the contact.

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