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    Lock a User

    When a User no longer requires access to an Infusion license, their access should be Locked so that they are unable to log-in to the locked license.

    Locking is specific to individual licenses. If the User has access to multiple licenses, they continue to have access to the other licenses.

    To lock a User's account, go to Settings > Users and select the edit pencil beside the User to open the record.

    Update the Status from Unlocked to Locked

    Save to record the change.

    The update is immediate and the User is no longer able to access the license.

    Staff profile

    If the User is also registered as a Staff member in Infusion, consider whether their Staff record needs deactivating. 

    User and Staff permissions are independent. A User may be locked, but still have an active Staff record. This means their Staff profile can still be attached to invoices, jobs and reports.

    For people who are leaving the company, it is advised to lock the User role and deactivate the Staff profile. This disables access to the license, and they are removed from lists within invoices and other transactions.

    For people who are changing roles within a company, manage their User and Staff settings to provide appropriate access and availability.

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