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    Product Serial Number Tracking

    Product Serial Numbers are used for the tracking of goods. Products are configured to require serial numbers in the Product Details information. When configured, serial numbers are set to track either at an individual level or as a batch.

    Serial Tracked Products are purchased, sold, transferred and written off in the same manner as non-serial tracked products except for an additional step to record serial number details. Requirements for this are slightly different for unique and multiple quantity serial numbers.

    Unique serial numbers

    Items that are serial tracked individually have unique serial numbers. Every unit recorded has its own serial number. Example of Products that use unique serial numbers are computers and televisions. Often the serial number is part of the warranty or service information.

    Multiple Quantity serial numbers

    Multiple Quantity (or batch) serial numbers are used for products that are made on a multiple sales unit basis where there may be slight variances with each production run. For example, rolls of carpet or pallets of tiles where the colour is slightly different. 

    Both individual and multiple quantity serial numbers can be configured to use an expiry date with this being of particular interest for perishable goods.

    Configure a product to use serial numbers

    A product must be set to use serial numbers before serial numbers are added. To configure a product to use serial numbers, refer to Create a Product. Serial Number configuration is managed on the Product Details tab of a product.

    An existing product can be converted to use serial numbers though stock quantities must be at zero before the product details can be changed.

    Add Serial Numbers to products

    There are two ways to add Serial Numbers to products. 

    Add on a Product Receipt

    When goods are received, a Product Receipt records the introduction of goods into stock. The serial number details are added when a product code is entered on to the receipt. The product will sit in stock with assigned serial numbers that are available to select when stock is sold, transferred or written off.

    This is the preferred method to record serial numbers.

    Add on a transaction

    When selling a Product set to track serial numbers on both Sales and Purchase, a serial number should be able to be selected from a drop down box as it should have been receipted in previously. If the serial number doesn't display in the list it can be added at the time of sale.  

    If a serial number is added during a transaction, it is recommended to investigate why the serial number was not available. It is likely that a retrospective product receipt will be required to ensure accuracy with stock levels.

    Transactions that allow serial numbers to be added are Customer Invoices, Product Transfers and Write Offs. Each transaction links to provide further information.

    Edit Serial Numbers

    If a serial number requires editing, for example numbers have been transposed or the wrong number entered, the stock is written-off and receipted into stock again with the new number.

    Create a Product Receipt to record the correct details.

    Create a Product Write Off to remove the incorrect details.

    This ensures that the stock quantities remain accurate, and the correct serial number details are recorded.

    Delete Serial Numbers

    To remove a serial number from stock create a Product Write Off to remove the serial number. This remove the product as well as the serial number.

    Serial Number Enquiry

    Details of serial numbers are available in the Products module. Go to Products > Serial Numbers. A list of serial numbers and matched products display.

    Use the search bar to enter known details to refine the list.

    The Spill Menu at the end of the row provide access to Enquiry information.

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