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    Icons and command buttons

    Icons and buttons are used to navigate through Infusion and to execute commands. Initial navigation is from the Main Menu and further commands are found in the toolbar as well as within records and transactions.

    Some are fundamentally self-explanatory - having a good understanding of what all icons relate to will allow efficient navigation and content management.  

    Across different buttons there are a number of repeating symbols to indicate what the command is:

    The Plus sign indicates that the button is an add action and will progress through to a new screen to create new information        

    A Tick beside a button indicates a confirmation; a new pop-up window will display to confirm the action         

    A solid down arrow on a button indicates that there are more menu items available

    Hollow up/down arrows allow a section to be expanded or collapsed 

    Bell Icon

    The bell icon will have a number showing on it to show how many notifications you have. These will be notifications about important functionality such as: 

    • Required system settings
    • Unread incoming SMS messages
    • Year End Close required
    • Bank Feeds requiring refreshing (BNZ Business only)

    Toolbar Commands

    These buttons are found in the Toolbar and are generic across multiple screens. Buttons lead to new actions and views. Button text is either grey or white:

    Grey text   

    The button is inactive and there is insufficient information to proceed with the action. 

    White text 

    The action can be completed as the required information has been updated.

    Red Button

    There is insufficient information on the form. Incomplete fields are coloured red and must be filled in before the button is available to use.

    Other buttons


    Back to the previous screen.



    Add a new record. 



    Shift the record mode from View mode to Edit mode to allow changes to be made.



    Save the updates to the current record or transaction.
    The Save button displays with a red background if the record or transaction is incomplete and not ready to save.



    Process the transaction being worked on.

    ...More Options

    Provides further options and commands.
    Reports and previews can also be accessed from here.


    Look into a record or transaction for further information.
    Tabs and rows within an Enquiry can be further drilled into.


    General Icons and Buttons

    Buttons and icons are found within rows, forms and the general activity area. As with Toolbar commands, they allow new actions and views. Buttons in the body of the activity area relate to individual records or transactions. These include: 


    Edit Pencil

    At the end of a row, opens the record to allow editing.


    Spill menu / Ellipses

    At the end of a row, opens new menus to allow further actions against a specific record.
    Menus vary depending on the record or transaction type.

    Move Icon

    This allows an account / record to be dragged and dropped to another location.  


    Toggle Sliders

    Slide to respond. In some screens the result of selecting the button will be that new fields will display.



    In records with extensive information, Tabs are used to gather together related data. The highlighted tab is the active tab.


    Select multiple rows

    Use the checkbox option at the start of rows to select them. Use the Select All option at the top of this column to select / deselect all records displayed on the screen. If all records are required - not just those on display - use the menus available under ...More Options.

    When one or more items are selected, the toolbar updates with new options e.g. in the Customer Invoices screen, batch posting of Pending Invoices.



    Indicates that there are files attached

    Time fields

    Digital and analogue options are available to set a time. Use the clock icon within the field to open the clock, and the icon beside the field to choose the clock mode.



    Indicates that the files can be downloaded


    Indicates that the highlighted item can be deleted

    For more information about keyboard shortcuts and navigating fields, follow this link.

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