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    Import and export

    Step by step guide to importing and exporting data in and out of Infusion

    Data can be imported and exported in and out of Infusion.  

    Use the ...More Options menu to start an import or export. In some instances, importing and exporting is also available via Spill menu, e.g. GL Account transactions.

    Data is transferred in .csv files (with the exception of Bank Imports which offer other file formats to import).



    Exported files are available from the Windows Downloads folder or the status bar of the browser.

    It can be useful to run an export prior to importing to check the required columns and existing data.  Copy the column headers to a new document to start a fresh import.


    Import rules

    All columns are required even if the fields are empty. The order of the columns doesn't matter and it can be helpful to move unused columns to the right of the spreadsheet for ease of use.

    Column headers must exactly match the field name, including upper and lower case.

    After an import

    Any records changed in the .csv file update the record in Infusion.

    New records in the .csv file are added to Infusion.

    Existing records in Infusion do not change if there is no change or it is not included in the .csv file


    If there are errors when running an import, a window displays with a description and reference to the impacted row and column.

    The import will not proceed whilst there are errors within the file and these need to be corrected to run a successful import. 

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