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    Infusion Terminology

    A glossary of common terms used in Infusion

    Posted / Unposted

    Newly created transactions can be Saved to have a Status of Unposted. These transactions can be modified. To confirm or process an Unposted transaction, it is Posted. Once this is done, it becomes a processed financial transaction.

    • Unposted transactions are available for editing and deleting
    • Posted transactions need to be reversed and the correct transaction entered if it is incorrect or has been entered in error

    As modules are opened, the default filter is set to display Unposted transactions. Modify the filter to change the display options.

    Records / Transactions

    A Record is a fixed entity that has Transactions created against it.

    Record                    Customer, Supplier, Product, General Ledger account etc

    Transaction            Invoice, Payment, Receipt, Write Off, Stocktake etc

    Records are Saved.  Transactions can be Saved (to be Unposted) or Posted.  

    Spill menu / ...More Options

    Spill menu and ...More Options within records and transactions serve the same purpose of offering additional menu options.

    • A Spill Menu is available at the ends of rows or in edit boxes
    • ...More Options is available within records or transactions to open a menu of further options and is always found in the toolbar
    • ...More Options in the toolbar of a Module offer menus that relate to the module as a whole, whereas ...More Options in the toolbar of a record show the same menu options available via the Spill menu at the end of the record row

    Journals - Reverse / Reversal

    Reverse and Reversal are two terms used for Journals and they have different meanings.

    • Reverse Journal - is the partner of an Accrual Journal
    • Reversal Journal - is when a standard, Posted Journal is reversed, this is typically because the first journal was entered in error


    Transactions and records are labelled with badges to identify status, they show in the toolbar and in display lists. Badges are used for filtering to sort and refine lists.

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