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    Keyboard controls and navigating fields

    A list of keyboard shortcuts to use in Infusion, and tips on Infusion navigation.

    Keyboard commands

    Use the following keyboard controls to move between fields and screens.

    Tab Movement forward to the next field
    Shift + Tab Move back to the previous field
    Up / Down Arrows Scroll through lists in fields
    Enter Confirm the active selection
    Space Bar Open lists in fields with drop down menus
    Control slider buttons
    Confirm the active selection
    Escape Key Close open lists
    Date entry Use DDMM as a shortcut for quick date entry



    Shortcut Keys

    Use the following shortcut keys to control buttons and actions.

    Alt + P Post    (or "Post and Email" if email address setup)
    Alt + S Save   (or "Save and Hold" if this is the default setting)




    Click or tab into fields to update information.

    Mandatory fields are identified with an asterisk - when information is yet to be entered the field is red.

    Pre-populated Required fields

    Some fields are pre-populated - this includes Required fields. It is important to always check pre-populated fields to ensure the information is correct.

    The active field is framed with a blue border. Click into it to activate or double-click to highlight existing content.
    Fields are labelled with fill requirements; labels sit within empty fields and above the field when information has been entered.

    Fields with drop-down menus are dynamic and can be typed in to locate records in the list. 

    Alternatively, clicking on the arrow will display the full list.

    Text fields have spell-checking in line with browser settings - mis-spelt words are underlined. Right click on the word to activate the correction process.
    When you hover over a column title, an arrow indicates that the screen can be sorted by that column.



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