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    Terminals and Cash Drawers

    Terminals and Cash Drawers are created in Infusion Online and then available for selection from within the POS module. They are set up independently, and Cash Drawers are subsequently linked to a Terminal to create a relationship between the two.

    Terminals are where sales are processed. ie the User adds the customer and product details to the transaction and records the payment.

    Cash Drawers hold the takings. Sessions are used to record the takings for a period and a Cash Drawer is removed at the end of a session. When a session is ended a new one is automatically created and the previous session becomes available to balance.


    A terminal can only be assigned once - to one cash drawer. A cash drawer may have multiple terminals assigned to it.

    Shop A - two workstations with unique Terminal IDs sharing a Cash Drawer

    These terminals and cash drawer are together at the front of the shop. Staff process sales from each terminal. Both share a Cash Drawer for receiving customer payments.  

    The takings in the Cash Drawer are a combination of the transactions from both terminals.

    Shop B - two workstations with unique Terminal IDs and individual Cash Drawers

    These terminals and cash drawers are in different parts of the building. Each terminal has its own Cash Drawer to receive customer payments - takings in each cash drawer relate only to the Terminal that it is linked to.

    Refer to Settings | POS Terminals for information on creating POS Terminals.

    Refer to Settings | POS Cash Drawers for information on creating Cash Drawers, and linking to Terminals.

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