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    POS | Printer & EFTPOS settings

    A printer must be selected to print POS invoices. Either standard or docket (receipt) printers can be used. The printer is specific to the workstation and all users logged in will use the selected printer. Printers can be shared or networked to more than one workstation.

    Follow the installation instructions for the printer and EFTPOS hardware. When installed and online, each are available to select in Infusion POS. 


    Currently a Windcave IPP350 terminal is supported for integrated EFTPOS. 


    To establish or edit printer settings, go to POS > Settings and scroll to Devices.

    • Print Invoices: Select if invoices are required to print, either automatically or after a prompt
    • Printer Type: Choose between a standard or docket printer. Each choice offers further settings options.

    Invoice - Standard

    "Invoice - Standard" is used for printing invoices to a standard A4-style printer.

    Configure options from the drop-down lists:

    • Invoice Layout: Choose from the drop-down. Layouts are sourced from Settings > Report Layouts.
    • Printer: Choose from the available network or local printers in the drop-down. 
    • Colour: Settings override any computer defaults and are specific to POS print outs.
    • Copies | Paper Size | Page Scaling | Page Selection: Confirm requirements for copies and sizing.

    Local printers are only available from the workstation they are connected to unless 'Share this printer' is selected in the local printer settings. 


    The workstation the local printer is connected to must be active to both select and use a shared local printer. If you find that the printer still isn't printing correctly, check that the printer settings are not overriding the POS selections.

    Docket - 40 column

    "Docket - 40 column" is used for printing invoices on a docket printer. The docket printer can be USB or networked.

    Select the Docket Printer from the drop-down menu and run a Test Print to test the printer is connected.

    Tick the checkboxes to configure docket cutting and drawer opening for each receipt.


    Laptops or PC's that are wirelessly connected to a network can access networked docket printers if wireless broadband settings are compatible. For reliable connectivity, Infusion recommends a cabled connection to your printer and does not support wireless printing.

    Supported printers

    Infusion POS is designed to be compatible with docket printers that support ESC POS command standards, however Infusion does not guarantee connection to printers not listed below.

    Infusion has tested and supports the following printers:

    • Epson TM-T82III (USB or network option)
    • Epson TM-T82IIIL (Network only)
    • Epson TM-T88VI
    • Star TSP Printer

    EFTPOS Integration

    EFTPOS Integration connects Infusion POS to the EFTPOS terminal. When the sale is processed, the transaction automatically transfers to the EFTPOS pinpad, ready for the customer to enter their card and payment details. 

    Integration is available when the Printer Type is set to Docket - 40 column.

    Select Use EFTPOS Integration

    The EFTPOS Provider field displays. Select the installed EFTPOS provider from the drop-down and Logon.

    Infusion connects to the EFTPOS provider and a confirmation displays. OK to proceed.

    Icons in the header display to show that POS is connected to a printer and EFTPOS terminal. Green icons indicate that the docket printer and EFTPOS pinpad are connected. Icons turn red if the service is disconnected.

    Docket printing

    A docket prints in line with the Print Invoices settings. To reprint a POS transaction, the user will need to access the Customer invoices screen and reprint the full invoice. There is no option to reprint a docket. The most recent EFTPOS receipt is available to reprint using the white docket icon beside the connection icons. 

    Supported EFTPOS Integration

    Infusion POS has been tested with and supports Windcave USB Tupelo terminals that have installed by following the Windcave USB Tupelo Software installation instructions 

    Minimum Screen Resolution

    If Electron is being used to run the POS module, the device it is on must be able to display a resolution of at least 1400 x 1050.

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