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    Enter a Stocktake Count in Batches

    Stocktakes can be counted and entered in batches. This means multiple people can complete different sections of the stocktake.

    When the physical count is complete, come back to Infusion to enter in the figures. This is done by entering them in batches. This can be done within Infusion, or by importing in the batch count


    Batches can include up to 1000 items

    Stocktake batches can include up to 1000 items. If you attempt to enter more than this, a notification will appear saying the limit has been reached. To enter further products, create a new batch. 

    If you import a stocktake count with more than 1000 items, Infusion will automatically generate the number of batches required for the 1000 item limit. For example, a list of 2500 items will generate three batches. 


    Important: The batch count only includes items on screen

    Before you select Enter Batch Count,  ensure that the screen displays the number of items you want to include (up to 1000). The default number of items that displays is 100. 

    To increase the number of items displayed, scroll to the end of the screen and select Show More. Keep selecting Show More until all items are included, or until you reach 1000. Alternatively, you can change the limit number in the URL suffix to any number up to 1000. 

    Go to Products > Stocktakes on the main menu and search for the stocktake. On the Products tab, select Enter Batch Counts.


    The Count column is blank by default. This means that a number must be entered for all items. If a count field is left blank on a product line, Infusion assumes that the count is zero. This is different from our desktop software which pre-populated the count fields with the expected count and you would only have to enter products with variances.

    Enter a batch count manually

    Select or enter the name of the person who counted the items and add a note to further identify the batch count if required. Start adding the figures into the Count column on the product lines.

    The Accumulated and Difference columns will update as you enter the batch count to reflect the data entered. When you have completed the batch count, select Save. The batch will be saved and accessible from the Batches tab.

    The person who counted the stock and the person entering the batch count can be two different people. Both names will display against the batch count on the Batches tab.


    Note that the value of the Accumulated column is the total of the Count column and any counts entered on previous batches. For example, if a product had a count of 5 entered from a previous batch and 5 for a new batch, the accumulated column would show 10.

    Enter counts for products with serial numbers

    Only products that track serial numbers on sale and purchase (individual or multiple quantities) require quantities to be counted for specific serial numbers. For example, if you only track the serial number of a particular product when it's sold, the stocktake doesn't need to capture the individual serial numbers, just the quantity of products in stock.

    When a product has a serial number, select the serial number icon in the product line to show the serial numbers window.

    Enter the count in the product line in the serial numbers window.

    If the product serial number doesn't display, select +Serial number and add it manually. Next enter the count(s) and select Confirm. If all counts are entered for each serial number, the serial number icon will change from red to black.

    A note on how serial numbers are tracked

    If product is set to track an individual quantity of a serial number on purchase and sale, then the count field value must be either 0 or 1, and it cannot be more than 1. A notification appears if you try to enter more than 1 in these cases.

    When you enter a partial count

    If you can only enter a portion of a stocktake batch, select Save to save the count entered so far. When you are ready to continue entering the count in the same batch, go to the Batches tab and find the batch.

    The count that has already been entered will display in the Count column and the uncounted products will be hidden.

    Select Edit Batch Counts and remove 'Counted' and 'Partially counted' from the Search bar. This will display the whole product list and you can continue entering the count.

    If at the end of a stocktake, you find that the Accumulated amount is double what is expected, the chances are it has been included in two batches, you can tell this by hovering over the Accumulated number. The count can be removed from one batch to correct the number.

    Continue to enter the batch counts until the stocktake is complete. The next step will be to review any variances in the count.

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