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    Produce a Stocktake Variance Report

    You can produce a Stocktake Variance Report before, during, and after a stocktake. This tells you which products had an actual count that differed from the expected count.

    Go to Stocktakes, open the relevant stocktake, and select Variance Report.

    The report shows:

    • Quantity before: Number of products in stock before the start of the stocktake.
    • Valuation: Valuation of products in stock before the count.
    • Allocated quantity: Number of products allocated in pending invoices or credits.
    • Counted quantity: Number of products counted and entered into the batch count.
    • Quantity after: Number of products after the stocktake.
    • Valuation after: Valuation of all products after the stocktake.
    • Variance quantity: The value of the missing or extra products.
    • Variance latest cost: The value of the variance based on the Latest Cost of these items.

    When the stocktake is updated with the batch counts, the product valuation is increased or decreased by the total latest cost variance amount. The product valuation report should be run immediately before the stocktake is updated to confirm what the financial result of updating the stocktake will be. That is, the product valuation before the stocktake plus the stocktake variance should equal the current product valuation.

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