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    Stocktakes Overview

    Welcome to an overview of the Stocktakes feature in Infusion. The purpose of a stocktake is to verify stock levels and values by physically counting them. Below is a list of the knowledge base articles we have about stocktakes and the steps to complete one.

    Review Stocktake Settings

    Create a Stocktake

    Start a Stocktake

    Enter a Stocktake Count in Batches

    Import and Export Stocktake information and counts

    Produce a Stocktake Variance Report

    Complete and Post a Stocktake

    Stocktakes Status and Search Filters

    Delete a Stocktake

    Steps to completing a stocktake

    Follow these steps to complete a stocktake.

    1. Review all of the stocktake settings to ensure they are correct before starting

    2. Ensure all pending invoices, credits, and stock receipts dated on or before the stocktake have been processed.   

    3. Create a stocktake.

    4. Set the time the stocktake will take place and select Start Stocktake.

    5. Print the stocktake sheets (before or after you start the stocktake).

    6. Count the stock, recording on the sheets the number of units in stock for each listed product. More than one person can complete different batches of a stocktake.

    7. Enter the batch counts into Infusion.

    8. Repeat steps 6–7 until the stock is counted and entered. 

    9. Print the Variance Report to assess variations between the expected and actual stock levels.

    10. Post / Complete the stocktake.

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