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    How to Store Documents in Infusion

    You can store documents — shipping details, spreadsheets, product lists, and so on — in multiple places within Infusion.

    Specifically, you can upload documents to customer quotes and invoices, supplier invoices, financial journals, product transactions, and purchase orders. Examples of the types of files you might want to upload include:

    • shipping documents
    • freight invoices
    • packing slips
    • finance contracts 
    • invoices 
    • product lists
    • spreadsheets
    • supplier quotes

    The ability to upload and store documents becomes available when you select Save on the invoice, quote, purchase order, etc. that you are working on. After you have saved, select Documents and then Add. Choose the document from your own files.

    The uploaded document will display at the top of the screen.  A number will display next to the button telling you how many files you have uploaded. You can view or hide the uploaded files by selecting the Documents button.

    To edit the document name and add a note, select the Pencil icon for the document. Give the document an informative name and add any information that would be useful for other people to know. 

    You can select the Download icon to download a copy, and you can delete the document by selecting the Bin  icon. 

    If the user hasn’t got an appropriate application to open the document, it will be downloaded when selected instead. 

    To display the documents as a list or a grid, select the List or Grid option next to the Add button.

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