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    14.12.2022 - Release Notes 0.44

    Download Version 0.44 Release Notes.pdf

    User Experience



    Email Settings Text

    The overlapping of text under the Settings > Organisation > Email Settings screen has been fixed.


    Barcode and Pin login issue

    The issue with the Barcode and PIN login not working has been fixed.


    Customers and Invoices



    Customer Invoice Rate Change

    The issue of a customer invoice or quote that has a line where the rate was manually entered by the user and different from standard, and the rate reverting back to standard once the quantity is edited has been fixed.


    Clear Stop Credit issue

    The issue with the Clear Stop Credit option showing at the time of posting a payment only being available if the payment is paying the account in full has been sorted. The is option is now not restricted.  



    Zero Value Customer Invoice

    A Customer invoice with a value of $0 can now be Posted.


    Picking List layout

    A Custom Picking List layout can now be specified under the Settings > Reports Settings screen.


    Discount Matrix report improvements

    Several improvements have been made to the Discount Matrix report including 

    1. If there is no End Date report this as No Expiry instead on Null
    2. Customer and Product headings text 
    3. Error message from running the report


    Suppliers and Purchase Orders



    Non-standard General Ledger code error

    The error created when a Product is set to use a non-standard sales GL account and used on a Purchase Order has been fixed.   



    Post and Email Functionality

    The Post & Email functionality has been added on a Supplier Payment so a remittance can be emailed to the supplier.





    Quantity Break Import and Export

    Quantity Breaks can be imported and exported from the respective Import and Export menu options of the More Options menu under the Product List screen.

    Only Active Quantity Breaks can be exported.  

    Only New Quantity Breaks can be imported.

    The Product Code and Price Level must already exist in the software for the import to complete.

    It is not possible at this stage to import into existing quantity breaks to modify them.


    Promotional Prices Import and Export

    Promotional Prices can be imported and exported from the respective Import and Export menu options of the More Options menu under the Product List screen.



    Kitset Component Serial Tracking

    A component of a kitset is now not able to be set to serial tracked.





    Cost Centre Rename

    With the implementation of Cost Centres, two import/export options have been updated to replace the name of the fields for brant with Cost Centre names for consistency. The affected import/exports are:

    * Financials > General Ledger page > "Chart of Accounts" import and export - the field "Consolidate by branch" is now called "Consolidate by cost centre"

    * Financials > GST Return page: "Export Audit" - the field "Financial Branch" is now called "Cost Centre"


    BNZ Business Bank Account Bank Feeds

    BNZ Business Bank Accounts are now supported. A Multi Factor Authentication prompt will need to be authorised in the BNZ Business Banking app each time the user wants to download bank transactions.  Currently the user will go to Settings > Bank Accounts and click "Refresh login required". Once the login is authorised, the user can continue working in Infusion on another tab while the transactions are retrieved.





    GST Audit Report

    There is now a GST Return Audit Trail report under the Spill menu of each return in the Financials / GST Return screen. This is only available for datafiles licensed for New Zealand.


    Quantity Break Pricing report

    There is now a Product Quantity Breaks report available from the Products > More Options menu.


    Promotional Prices report

    There is now a Product Promotional Pricing report available from the Products > More Options menu.


    Discount Matrix report

    There is now a Discount Matrix report available from the Customer menu. Selection options include detailing individual products and / or customers along with default pricing.


    Price List report

    A Price List report can now be produced for a Customer from the Spill menu option under the Customer's account.



    Customer Analysis Show Cost

    There is now a Show Costs parameter to the Customer Sales Analysis report



    Customer 13 Month Sales Analysis export

    The exporting of the Customer 13 Month Sales Analysis report to Excel has been improved to remove blank columns.  



    Profit and Loss 3 Year report

    An issue with the Profit & Loss 3 Year where an account has a $0.00 year end balance and transactions during the year not displaying that line, has been resolved.


    Customer Aged Trial Balance report issue

    The issue where the Customer Aged Trial Balance report is run to include Outstanding Transactions and the Sort By setting is ignored has been fixed.




    Priced Packing Slip 

    A setting "Priced Packing Slips" has been added to customer terms. Using the Packing Slip (Standard) - Portrait report option in Settings > Reports > Customer Packing Slip will use this setting to determine whether the customer will see prices on the packing slip.  This setting is off by default for new customers.


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