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    29.09.2022 - Release Notes 0.43

    Download Version 0.43 Release Notes.pdf


    User Experience



    Datafiles can be setup for Australian based companies. Data can be migrated from Australian based VFP datafiles


    A licensee can request that their Accountant is added as a User.  

    This user role will be assigned by Infusion Software staff only and is at the discretion of Infusion Software.   Once a user has the Accountant role they are able to log in to complete regular accountancy tasks without requiring an extra subscription.   This role is not intended to be available for daily bookkeeping tasks.



    Session expiry for a user has been updated to ensure that when left idle for one hour, the session expires, and the page refreshes to the login page. The user will need to log in again.


    The theme and branding on the software has been updated to reflect Infusion Software's new branding.



    Customers and invoices



    A new setting in Customer and Supplier Settings defines whether a new account will default to Organisation or Individual.  


    There is now a setting under individual Customers and Products to allow use of Discount Matrix pricing. 


    The Expiry date on a Serial Tracked item is now included in the mouse over message on the icon in an Invoice line.



    Packing Slips for Customer Invoices can now be emailed from the Preview Screen if there is a valid email address to send to.






    The user is now informed on the Product Pricing tab if there is a promotional price loaded against a particular Price Level with an icon that provides further information on mouse over.


    Current products with a duplicate barcode have been updated with a suffix (#) to remove the duplicates.

    Users are advised when saving a product if the barcode has been used on another product - and which product that is.

    Imported products with duplicated barcodes are now prevented - the user is advised which lines have the duplicates.





    Financial reports have been updated so they can export to Excel



    Improvements have been made to the Download to Excel option on reports to provide a cleaner resulting spreadsheet.


    The parameter selection screen has been updated for the Sales Analysis MTD/YTD report to match other Sales Analysis reports.


    The parameter selection screen has been updated for the Sales Analysis Top Sales report to match other Sales Analysis reports.

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