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    27.07.2022 - Release Notes 0.42

    Welcome to the latest release notes for Infusion (the online version). You can read all release notes below or download and print the PDF.

    Download: Version 0.42 Release Notes.pdf

    User Experience

    — ENHANCED — 

    Report parameters have been updated

    Report parameters have been updated and improved for drop-down lists throughout Infusion. This update will enable better filtering and exporting of reports. #6527

    Editing of customer and supplier sort keys

    In Customer and Supplier Settings you can now choose to allow editing of sort keys on customer and supplier records. #3327

    Sort keys are identifying codes for customers and suppliers, and will be auto-generated on Save if the field is left blank. With the Editable Sort Key setting on, users are able to add or edit a sort key.

    Text and formatting in Welcome email improved 

    To improve clarity and user experience, we've updated the text and formatting in the Welcome email that people receive when they sign up to Infusion. #4424

    Keyboard shortcut options for saving and posting a transaction 

    Within transactions, you can select ALT+P as the keyboard shortcut for posting (or posting and emailing) a transaction, such as an invoice. So, if a customer is set up for emailing of invoices, the option Post & Email will be the default button in the taskbar, and the option that appears when ALT+P is selected. 

    The same thing applies when you use ALT+S to Save, or Save & Hold. The shortcut will use the default function. #5361 #6579

    Improvements to imports for customers and suppliers

    On importing new customers and suppliers, sort keys are now automatically generated. Refinements have also been made to ensure that unpopulated columns are taken as 0 and not null. #5317

    Customers and Invoices

    — NEW —

    Discount Matrix on Customer Quotes and Invoices

    Discounts can be applied to Products on Customer Quotes and Invoices based on a discount matrix. The calculated price is evaluated based on an intersection of a Product Group and Customer Group. Methods for discounting are either Percent above Cost or Percent below Sell. A date range can be set. A Start Date is required with all setups while and End Date is optional. Setup can be done through either a Product Group or Customer Group. #6391

    Customer Communications Log

    The ability to record communications with Customers has been added. This is done through the Customer Communication log accessed from the Customer section of the main menu screen. See article Communications Log for more detail   #6365

    When you post an invoice, you can now choose to print the invoice at the same time. Select the checkbox in the confirmation window to do this. #4974

    Custom Fields on Invoice and Quote Lines

    Custom fields can now be added to Invoice and Quote lines. See article Custom Fields on Invoice and Quote Lines for more detail  #6363

    No Statements option for Customers

    The No Statements setting in Customer Terms has been implemented to ensure statements are not included in bulk statement runs for specific customers.  #6463

    Courier Reference field on Customer Invoices

    A new field Courier Reference has been added to the Customer Invoice form and is available for customisation in delivery labels and invoice and packing slip data sources.  #5843

    — RESOLVED —

    An issue with clickable area on a customer invoice has been resolved

    The size of the clickable area around the 'Unposted invoices' link on a customer invoice meant that users could easily accidentally collapse the screen instead of opening the unposted invoices. This has now been resolved. #6594

    Error when calculating Customer Sell Rate

    An issue where, if a product is subject to Product Group Markup pricing and a customer has a percentage of sell contract rate, the price was not calculated correctly, has been resolved.  #6760 

    Expiry Date disappears with a Multi Serial Tracked - Sales Only

    An issue where the expiry date was not visible when a serial number was re-checked on a pending customer invoice, has been resolved.  #4976


    Suppliers and Purchase Orders

    — NEW —

    Duplicate a supplier

    You can now duplicate a supplier within the Suppliers module. Go to the main Suppliers screen and select the spill menu next to the supplier you want to duplicate, and then Duplicate. This will copy most of the details across, apart from certain fields that need to be customised, such as bank accounts. Fields will still be available for editing. #4084

    Remittance report available for suppliers

    After paying a supplier, you can now generate and send a remittance report to advise the supplier of what has been paid. You can choose to include the payment note on the remittance, or to leave it off. 

    A remittance for a posted supplier invoice can be reprinted, but not for a saved payment. This is intentional to ensure that a supplier cannot be sent a remittance for a payment that isn't posted and could potentially be changed. #5665

    — RESOLVED —

    Direct Credit Batch Not Exporting

    An issue where a direct credit would not export if there were non-alphanumerical characters in the supplier's name, has been resolved.   These characters are removed during the export as per the bank's specifications. #6725 


    — NEW —

    Promotional Pricing

    A Promotional Price can be set under the Promotions tab of a Product. These are set per Price Level. A date range and pricing method (Fixed Rate, Percentage above cost or Percentage below selling) can be specified. Unlimited Promotional Pricings can be setup against a Product  #6394

    Quantity Breaks

    Discounts on Products can be setup based on quantities a customer purchase. This is done under the Product. Each Price Level can have unlimited Quantities Breaks set against it #6382

    New hover information for allocated product quantities  

    On the Quantities tab on a product's Enquiry screen, you can now hover over the Allocated column to get information on which transactions the product is allocated to. #2860

    Deactivation of a Price Level  

    A price level can be deactivated in Settings > Product Price Levels. It must cannot be deactivated if assigned to any customers.  This excludes this price level from any lookups and product pricing visible to the user, but retains any pricing loaded against products should the price level be reactivated.  #4992

    Allow Discounts on all New Products by Default 

    We've introduced a global setting that enables you to allow discounts by default for all new products, instead of needing to adjust individual products. The setting on previously created products will not be changed. #5289

    Product Barcode on Product List

    The Barcode of a Product can now be seen in the Product List screen #6716

    Cost and Sell Price in Product Enquiry Screen

    The Cost and Sell values for a Product transaction now display in the Products / Transaction Lines screen #1730


    — NEW —

    Export financials to MYOB and CCH iFirm

    You can now export financials to MYOB and CCH iFirm. The export generates a CSV file that can be imported to your chosen software. #552 #553

    — ENHANCED —

    Text on Close Off confirmation window updated

    Updated text now appears when users attempt to close off a financial year. You will now see the warning 'Opening journals may be added in previous financial years if allowed in Financial Settings'. #6643

    GL Enquiry information has been improved

    On the Enquiry screen for GL accounts, the account label now appears in the notes field on the transaction lines for Customer Invoices, Customer Payments, Customer Adjustments, Supplier Invoices, Supplier Payments and Supplier Adjustments. #5135

    Number of characters increased for Batch IDs

    Batch IDs of up to 20 characters can now be created or imported. #6688


    — NEW —

    Custom Reports can now be added

    Please contact Infusion support about adding custom reports.  #6372

    Picking List Report

    A Picking List report is now available from a customer invoice. It is available from the spill menu of an invoice.   

    This is intended as an internal document for picking and packing an order. It includes the product's barcode and Bin number, and is optionally sortable by Bin number. Weight and volume are calculated from the product's data. #6737

    Quantities Option on 13 Month Sales Analysis report

     A Sales Analysis 13 Month report is now available from the Customers > More Options menu. A setting is available to run this report by either Quantity or Sales value. There is an option to round amounts to nearest whole number. #6761

    — ENHANCED —

    Product Price List Report Enhancements

    Product Pricelist reports have had multiple improvements including additional selection and filtering options. #4220

    Customer Transaction Report - add a filter to select customer range

    The Customer Transactions report now has filtering selection parameters for Customer Type / Group and Account Number.  #3691

    Balance Sheet Standard - Update for Excel Export

    The Balance Sheet standard report layout has been updated to ensure better exporting to Excel. All header, detail and totalling rows are included in the exported file.  #6851

    Financial Transaction Detail - Improvements

    The Financial Transaction Detail report has been updated with better formatting for export ie removed gaps where notes are not included, transaction description is not included in the notes field and GL Code filter is now from and to.  #6851

    Reports Lookup Improvements

    A number of reports have been improved so that the parameter selections are lookup tables instead of free text. #6539

    Customer Aged Trial Balance report formatting improvements

    Totals have been added to the Customer Aged Trial Balance report when individual invoices are included. #4772

    Access Customer / Product Custom Fields in Invoice/Packing Slip / Quote reports

    Custom fields on Products, Customers, Invoices & Quotes and Invoice & Quote lines are now accessible within the data sources for quotes, invoices and packing/picking slips allowing for additional report customisation. #6710


    Report Datasource updates

    Additional product information is now available in the customer invoice data source including volume, weight, barcode tracking information allowing for further customisation of layouts. #6736

    The held status of an invoice is now included in the data source allowing this to be used for customisation purposes. #6792

    Financial Transaction Report updates

    The report has been updated with better formatting for export, gaps removed where notes are not included, transaction descriptions not included in the notes field. The GL Code filter is now from and to. #6830

    — RESOLVED —

    Customer Aged Trial Balance with Outstanding Transaction issue

    An issue with the Customer Aged Trial Balance with outstanding transactions has been resolved.  Customised reports will need to be replaced.   Contact Infusion Support with any issues.  #6637


    — ENHANCED —

    Email settings have been moved to the Email Settings page

    Instead of the default email settings sitting under the settings for Customer Invoice and Quote, and Supplier Purchase Order and Payment, these settings have been moved. You'll now find these within Settings > Email Settings. #5061

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