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    16.05.2024 - Release Notes 0.54

    Download Release Notes for Version 0.54 Release Notes.pdf






    Email Log – Failed emails

    In the event of an email failing, such as sending to an invalid email address, an entry  is recorded in the FAILED tab of the Email Log. See our help article for more information - 



    Downloading documents in list view

    Resolved an issue preventing documents from downloading, when viewed in list view.





    Load components of kitsets

    A new option has been added to customer quotes and invoices, Load Components.

    This option only becomes available after a “When Invoiced” kitset is added to the invoice. When chosen, it replaces the singular kitset line with the different components that make up the kitset.


    Late Payment Fees are now available

    Late Payment Fees are now able to be calculated for all customers directly from within Infusion. See for more information.


    Customer Refund by Direct Credit

    Customer refunds can now be paid by a direct credit batch file. 

    Customers will need to have their bank account details recorded to be paid out using direct credit. See 



    Error in customer contact saving

    Corrected an issue preventing customers from being saved.


    Pick & Pack finished but Invoice status remains as Picking

    An issue where a Pick & Pack is posted and finished, but the invoice still has a picking status, has been resolved.


    Stop Quotes converted to Invoices while being edited

    The invoice button is now correctly disabled when other users are editing the quote.





    Job List report displaying invoiced name

    The Job List report now correctly displays the Invoiced Name, rather than the Customer Name.



    WIP Report added to the Jobs > More Options menu

    A new report has been added to the More Options menu within the Jobs menu. This allows users to view the work in progress on all jobs within a selected set of filters.






    New Label Printing features

    Two new ways to print labels have been introduced in this release. Product labels can now be printed automatically as part of receipting the product. Alternatively product price labels can now also be printed in bulk.




    Bulk pricing updates can now be performed. This allows a pricing update of either an increase, or decrease by a dollar or percentage amount for a chosen selection of products.



    Tag already exists error when trying to do a WooCommerce sync

    Resolved an underlying cause that can creates a tag already exists error, when Infusion syncs to WooCommerce.


    Reorder by Sales report incorrect calculations

    A change has been made to the Product Reorder- By Sales report so that it now only looks at quantities used on invoices and sold kitsets.


    Kitsets - pricing tab - fix button to “Update price levels now“

    An issue causing the Update Price Levels now button to not populate any selling prices in some situations has been resolved.


    Deleted price levels included in a product price export

    Price levels that have been deleted, are now no longer included in the Product Price level export.


    Ambiguous price level error when importing price levels

    Corrected an issue that would cause an Ambiguous Price Level error when importing a price level that has the same name as a previously deleted price level.


    Custom field autocomplete throws a not found error on webtags

    Resolved an issue where values in a web tag don’t show as expected, when viewing the website tab of a product.


    Ambiguous price level error when importing

    Products with a product code that matches a deleted product now no longer generate an Ambiguous price level error when being included as part of a product price import.


    GST Error on Stock Write Off

    Resolved an issue where writing off products that are either zero rated or exempt from GST cannot be posted.


    Not unique error when importing Supplier product data

    Inactive products are no longer included as part of the supplier product data export. When that data is imported in, the underlying cause for the “Not Unique” error caused by inactive products has also been resolved.


    Not unique error when importing quantity break pricing.

    Resolved the underlying cause for the Not unique error appearing when including a product that shares the same product code as a deleted product in the Quantity break pricing import.





    Bank accounts remain after Yodlee accounts unlinked

    When users are unlinked in Yodlee, the bank feeds are now cleared.


    Unreconciled issue when a negative split is on an imported transaction

    Resolved an issue where a negative split on a transaction, imported on a bank file, can leave an unreconciled amount after reconciling the transaction.





    Terms and Conditions page not displaying correctly

    Corrected an issue causing the Terms and Conditions to not display when accessed inside Infusion.


    Error in service annotations causing error when opening product settings

    Fixed an issue where users would get an error when accessing the product settings through the API.



    Infusion POS Electron build tools migrated to use Electron-vite

    The Infusion POS Electron module build tools have been migrated to Electron-vite.


    New version of the POS Module released

    When opening the POS module, users will be advised they are using an old version and a new version is downloading and installing.

    Users can now use the following hotkey combinations in POS

    Zoom In: Ctrl + Shift + +

    Zoom out: Ctrl + -

    Note that currently these hotkeys only work with the +/- keys on the Qwerty keyboard. The +/- keys on the number pad do not currently work with this hotkey combination.

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